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  • What is campaign, ad set & ads?
  • What is targeting?
  • What is lookalike audience?
  • What is retargeting? 
  • How to do competitor research?
  • Which type of ads work the best (the 3E’s concept)?
  • Strategy that is use to manage 20Lacs+ per month Meta Ads Budget?
  • How to do troubleshooting your meta ads?
  • For entrepreneurs what are the things that you should keep in mind before giving access of your Meta Business Manager to other agencies?


As part of an effective marketing strategy, social media has become essential. Both to acquire qualified traffic (to transform into prospects, then into customers) and to take care of your digital notoriety. However, such a strategy must be based on an essential pillar but too often underestimated: content. But how to create this content that will attract the attention of your audiences and cause their engagement?

  • Work on interactive formats

Quizzes, calculators, personality tests, mini-diagnostics, recommendations, interactive infographics, etc. The formats are beginning to flourish and expand. They involve much more the person who discovers them, but also allow much greater recovery of data.

  • Articulate SEO in a natural way

When we talk about editorial SEO, the goal is not to create content for search engines, but for the people who use them. When creating your practical content, first focus entirely on your audience, their needs, their frustrations, their expectations, their aspirations, etc. When you start thinking like your audience, your content immediately becomes an engaging and informative device.

  • Start with some research

In content marketing, finding the right subject is sometimes a real challenge. Before diving into creating practical content, it’s best to start looking for the right direction. Don’t settle for passive research or trend analysis, also use interactive devices: use surveys and quizzes via social media or on your website. A great way to increase the participation of your audience.

  • Take time for reflection

The practical content marketing requires a little planning and anticipation. The ultimate goal is to publish something that not only informs and increase engagement but also persuades your audience to invest more in your brand. After the choice of the subject, it is the choice of the support which must occupy you.

  • Product tutorials

The most interesting and effective formula to explain what we sell for. The tutorials are also the best way to enter the video. YouTube channels are simple and allow us to link to the web and create links, as well as interact with the viewer. It is enough with domestic production, but it is very important to create a coherent script and add a good voiceover.

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