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Sumit Dubey Fitness Classes: From Humble Beginnings to Fitness Empire

Challenge: Launching a fledgling online fitness class platform in a crowded market and achieving rapid growth with limited resources.

Client: Sumit Dubey, Owner, Sumit Dubey Fitness Classes

Solution: A holistic digital marketing strategy from Viral Groww, encompassing:
  • Strategic Partnership: Establishing a direct line of communication with Sumit, with Tushar personally handling all queries and ensuring a response time of under 30 minutes for 2 years (against the industry average of 12-15 hours).


  • Collaborative Sales Optimization: Providing expert consultation on leveraging technology to improve conversion rates. Implemented tools like WhatsApp API through Aisensy, Privyr CRM, and email automation to streamline the sales process.


  • Social Media Mastery: Divya, a dedicated social media strategist, consistently managed Sumit’s accounts, driving audience growth and engagement across all platforms.


  • Organic Reach Expansion: Ongoing search engine marketing campaigns to enhance Sumit’s online presence and attract qualified leads organically.



  • 1250% Revenue Growth: We propelled Sumit’s business from a modest 20K per month to a staggering 25 lakhs per month, a testament to the power of effective digital marketing.


  • Targeted Ad Spend: Over 75 lakhs invested in Facebook Ads resulted in the revenue growth of 1250% in less than 18 months. 


Long-Term Partnership: The success story continues, with Viral Groww managing Sumit’s search engine marketing efforts to maintain a robust online presence and attract a consistent flow of new customers.


Why it Matters:

Sumit Dubey Fitness Classes showcases the transformative power of a collaborative partnership between a dedicated entrepreneur and a skilled digital marketing agency. Viral Groww’s commitment to responsive communication, strategic advice, and data-driven campaign management proved instrumental in propelling Sumit’s vision into a thriving fitness empire.

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