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We all have wondered where the Google ads come from? You enter the keywords ‘Best sneakers for men’ and you end up seeing sneaker ads from various websites when you next time use Google. Isn’t it an amazing way of advertising! This is achieved using a technique called search engine marketing. Here at Viral Groww, we provide the best SEM services in Delhi, India and help you enter the ad auction to feature your own Google ads.

What is SEM?

SEM services are digital marketing services that help you feature your ad campaigns on search engine result pages (SERPs). Pay per click or paid search, as the name suggests, is paying the publisher (search engines) every single time your advertisement is tapped or clicked. The Google ads on Google, YouTube, etc are the most famous pay per click ads (PPC). Advertisers bid for placing their ads on such commonly used platforms. There are various things kept in mind when entering a search engine marketing ad auction like ad text, keyword management strategy, Google AdWords, quality score, PPC, etc that help you achieve a higher click through rate (CTR). SEM is not same as Search engine optimization (SEO), but is equally beneficial and important. On one hand, SEO is an un-paid method to bring in organic traffic, whereas SEM is a paid yet pocket friendly method to bring quality inorganic traffic, when done correctly.

Advantages of Search Engine Marketing

  • Quick Results:

    Using SEM services results in higher click through rates, i.e., more traffic on your website in a very short time. It has a great return on investment.

  • Targeted Marketing

    The ad campaigns target quality traffic, i.e., the right people at the right time who are actually looking for what you are offering. This is done by keyword management strategy and biding on the right keywords.

  • Measurable Success

    SEM allows for accurate success tracking and proper campaign analysis so that you can optimize your keywords, the money you spend and the content you use.

How Viral Groww, The Best SEM Company in Delhi is going to help you?

The SEM services provided by Viral Groww not only help you find keywords you should be bidding on, but also help you identify negative keywords that are to be avoided. We understand how important and efficient ad campaigns are for a business. We increase the quality score of your website so that you have to place a lower pay per click bid in ad auction and still get amazing results.

Future Scope of Search Engine Marketing

Google search is no more just desktop search, i.e., type and search. With advancing technology, voice search, personal assistants and artificial intelligence are coming into picture that makes google search much easier. Thus, the trend of relying on google search for everything is increasing day by day. This is how the future of SEM services is also getting brighter and every business must use this technique to be a part of the race.