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How we helped a Hookah Products related D2C brand to get ranked on Google’s Search Engine using White Hat SEO strategies.

Client: The Hookah Shop

Story -

Background :

So if you are an owner of a D2C brand who can’t promote products on social media ads or search engine ads then the only way you can groww your business is to get organic traffic through the Search Engine or get followers on your Social Media channels who visit your site and purchase the products from your website.
One such brand got in touch with us and we sat down together to make a plan and get traffic on their website.
We advised them to opt for SEO of their own website and do organic content creation on their social media platforms to get traffic on their website.

Limitations :

  • Website on Dukaan: Dukaan as a website platform is a shit product I would say, they are just selling low budget things and entrepreneurs who don’t have budget opt for Dukaan that takes them for a road to hell. Anyways, we had to work on it as the website was made on Dukaan.
  • Client could only rely on organic traffic that we would generate over time to get orders, monthly orders were very less (7-8K per month revenue through old customers).

Our objective was to rank on the top keywords related to their own brand, we started the work by 3rd October 2023 and here are the steps that we took

Our process to do SEO for our partner -

  • Step 1 – By using SEMRush & Google Keywords planner we did competitor research & keywords research.

    After doing the research we sit with our client to get their final approval on the chosen keywords to rank on Google’s SERP.

  • Step 2 – Did a thorough On Page SEO i.e. Technical SEO for the website that includes these –
    a. Meta Tags
    b. Sitemap
    c. Robot.txt
    d. AMP**
    e. Schema Markup
    f. Search Console
    g. Google Analytics
    h. Title Tags
    i. H1 Tags
    j. Alt Tags
    k. Meta Description
    l. Keyword Density
    m. Internal Links, our team of SEO executives work on all these pointers to make sure that your website is 100% ready for Google to crawl and give ranking on Google’s SERP.

  • Step 3 – Building backlinks that hold value for ranking of website on targeted keywords.

    Under this step we target to create 100+ backlinks per month and report to our clients on a daily basis about what we are doing at the backend, I am sharing some screenshots of the work that we were doing for The Hookah Shops.

Our team did rigorous work on backlinking for four months to get organic traffic on the website.

Here are the results we got –

We came from 7 clicks a month to doing 82 clicks a month and our impressions share went up by 700% in four months.

But here’s the bad part in this story, due to budget constraints the client i.e. The Hookah Shops team couldn’t fund the SEO activities for a longer tenure. We did offer them one month free of cost services so that they grow more on SERP but somehow we had to discontinue by Feb’24.

Conclusion : 
So here’s the story of how we did SEO for a product type that can’t be promoted on Ads, we tried to bring traffic using SEO and we were successful in that but it’s necessary to understand SEO strategies can only be fruitful if you plan for 12 months or more to work on it.
If you want to get a free of cost audit for your website SEO than you can reach us at –, send us your website link & we will share the FREE AUDIT with you.

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