Digital Markteing for Yogipreneurs! Digital Markteing for Yogipreneurs!

Digital Markteing for Yogipreneurs!

With this pandemic most of the yoga/fitness coaches were forced to run their programs/classes online using various streaming software’s like Zoom. We understand it was not an easy transition but change is the only thing that is constant and now it looks like this situation will be the same from coming few years.

This pandemic has made some major shifts in the way how businesses run and yoga studio businesses are also not left out of these shifts. Now the classes are taken online and interaction are being done in an online mode rather than the old way of interacting face to face. If a yogipreneur get the perfect team to make their business visible on web and help them in automation than this pandemic can prove to be a boom to their business as

  • Being online a yoga studio can reach to unlimited audience
  • Less requirement of infrastructure, cutting down addition costs for the business
  • With automation a yogi can setup direct communication with his/her audience.

Viral Groww, helps Certified Yoga Teachers/Coaches with Digital Marketing for their yoga studio to get their business visible on the web without them having to learn any new tech.

We understand that being a Yogipreneur you don’t want to invest much of your time in business management or marketing and sometimes you find yourself messed up with technology and marketing. So here we come to help you with our Digital Marketing Strategy for your yoga studio.

We place ourselves as a yoga marketing agency that help yogipreneurs groww their business online by getting leads/customers through yoga ads on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Our team has a working expertise of more than three years in the field of Digital Marketing, and with our proven yoga studio marketing ideas and strategies many Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers, Art of Living, etc have made 10X revenue growth in a period of just 90 days.

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Yoga classes marketing is not that easy, but with our proven techniques you can surely attain the desired goal for your yoga venture.


What Viral Grow has to offer to market your Yoga Studio?

Viral Grow Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing and Automation company based in New Delhi, India. Our services for marketing of your yoga studio are described in brief details below –

  • SEO for Yoga Studio – This service of Viral Grow will get the top keywords related to your business at the top of search engine, and your audience/prospects will be able to easily search you online and book a session with you.
  • Social Media Marketing for Yoga Classes or Yoga Studios – We will manage and run ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram to get qualified leads for your programs. Along with it we will be handling regular posting on your social media channels to make sure that your channels groww organically too.
  • Website Design & Development – Our team can deliver you a dynamic & mobile optimized website for your business that can have all the features like booking of a session, payment collection, dynamic page creation and many more.


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Our yoga studio marketing strategies have proven results with certified yoga teachers across the world, book a strategy session now.