Digital Marketing Services


Today, the internet has become a force to be reckoned with. Most people across a wide variety of ages ranging from 5 year old kids to 70+ adults spend at least a minimum of two hours if not more online on the internet. This creates a humongous audience base for any firm or business to sell goods and services to and capitalise on.

Digital marketing in a crux, is the perfect tool for widening your target audience and breaking the geographical limitations which accompany any physical store or outlet. Digital marketing in simple terms allows you to convert a 40*40 ft billboard, to 5 inch phone screen, with comparatively lesser expenditure and much better results. It is the best possible solution irrespective of who your target audience is, whether it is a gen Z on Instagram, a millennial on LinkedIn, or a Gen X on Google. In every scenario, only the platform used changes, however the tool remains the same with a few modifications.

Thus, if defined, digital marketing in a layman's terms refers to any promotional activity done using the internet and the world wide web.
Digital marketing is a wide term which comprises and uses a large no. of tools and tech, but the two primary tools used in the same are as follows:


    Search engine Marketing(SEM) is one of the fundamental components which uses both organic as well as paid tactics used to generate quantity as well as quality online traffic. It focusses on keyword analysis, competitive analysis in the organic streams to generate better website ranking on SERPs, and includes search engine optimisation or SEO to generate the organic leads and rankings. In basic terms, it optimizes your website around common keywords used by your target audience, based on research and analysis.


    Social media marketing(SMM) is another key component present under digital marketing, which uses various social media platforms to promote your website, goods and services. According to the latest statistics in the year 2020, nearly 326.1 million Indian use social media, i.e. more than 54% of the total population uses at least one social media platform. Hence, making social media an ideal platform for digital marketing or any promotional activity. Start your SMM campaign today on Instagram, facebook, snapchat, Twitter, etc. today with us.

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