Website Design & Development for TheTotal CFO -

Website Design & Development for TheTotal CFO -

Introduction - 

TheTotal CFO a Dubai based company provides comprehensive CFO Roles functions without losing sight of Operations Efficiency and Profitability Improvement for small to large scale companies. The company to showcase its services/features that they provide to businesses across the globe needed a digital platform in the form of a Dynamic Website with features of dynamic Blogging, Video Uploader facility, and a few other features.

Background - 

This project was a joint project executed by Viral Grow in close co-ordination with Saletancy Consulting Pvt Ltd for TheTotal CFO. 

Proposed Solution - 

After thorough research of the industry with the top websites, we finalized the sitemap for the website and then made the design of this site from scratch. There was no usage of any online free template whole of the site was coded by us.

Our process for execution of the designing of any type of website is this 

Make a sitemap > make a study of the top website references > documentation of all features required on the website > timeline for the whole project > weekly review & updates.

The development of the website for the Company TheTotal CFO is done on Django Python 3.8 and the front end is made with HTML - CSS & Bootstrap. 

client review for website design

Our services are as per your expectations and requirements we craft the plan for you and make the best website design for the business that attracts your prospects on the web.

We provide end to end services, all the graphics are re-designed by us and the logo for the company is also made by Viral Grow. Get the best website for your business from Viral Grow a Website Design & Development Company in Delhi.