Wordpress Website Vs Coded Website with Python

Wordpress Website Vs Coded Website with Python

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So probably you landed here for finding an answer whether to go for WordPress website or a Python coded website from scratch. In this blog, I would try to resolve your dilemma between those two, but first why not get the basic understanding of the two and then see their pros and cons and at last, we will help you conclude which is the best for you.


Wordpress Website

A WordPress website is nothing but a coded form of a free content management system that provides you the ability to control and manage all your content on the website in a very easy and simplified way. You may wonder why anyone will give you such a system for free? So actually Wordpress is an open-source system and thus anyone can use its managing platform but the thing is that you have to pay for the integrated or premium resources which are useful for optimizing your website for a longer run. 

Let’s quickly learn its pros and cons.


Pros of WordPress Website

  1. Relatively less expensive than the developing from scratch by an expert
  2. One can choose a variety of themes from its library and use it on their website.
  3. Wordpress websites are highly responsive on any device.
  4. Easy content management and one can easily update the site from literally anywhere.
  5. Amazing paid and free plugins are available for WordPress websites to make them more user friendly.


Cons of Wordpress Website

  1. The first thing is tough the WordPress website is free but to make it more interactive and user friendly, certain themes and plugins do have a price which makes its final cost unpredictable.
  2. As WordPress is the most used content management system there is quite a risk from the cyber thefts as well. So if your business website will hold important files on it then cybersecurity can be the major challenge here.
  3. Despite the easy management of your content and websites, one should possess basic knowledge of web development to use the SEO features and proper plugin attachments to their website.
  4. Sometimes updates in the CMS require basic knowledge of development and then the owners hugely rely on open forums or web design and development experts.


That’s pretty much about WordPress, now let’s get a brief knowledge about a coded website.

In this blog, we will be concentrating on Python-based website development and we will discuss the pros and cons of it.


Coded Website(Python)

A website development process comprises 5 layers mainly known as

  1. Client-side coding: This includes the structuring and designing part with HTML, CSS, and JAVA.


  1. Programming language for server-side: This includes programming with languages like C/C++, PHP, Python, etc. which help the website to up and running continuously on the servers.


  1. Database management: This is where one website will save all its information like user information, order or selling information, etc. Some popular database management software are MySQL and Microsoft SQL.


  1.  Web server software: A web server software is a software or hardware that uses hypertext transfer protocol and similar protocols to respond to client's requests made over the world wide web. Some common examples: Apache(Linux) and IIS(Microsoft).


  1. Operating System: At last the operating system operating on the server machine makes everything work. Common operating systems are Linux and Windows.


Now let’s see some Pros and Cons of Python-based Websites.


Pros of Python-based Website

  1. Easy to use and read. Python language is free of complex syntax which makes it very much understandable in one go. And its handful of pre-build libraries help any development process much faster.
  2. As mentioned a much faster development with rich standard libraries of python.
  3. Highly flexible in nature. It can integrate with all common programming languages out there. Example: CPython, JPython, etc.
  4. Python comes with well-known frameworks which are highly useful for web development, such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, TurboGears.
  5. Its use in Machine Learning and AI which can be very beneficial in integrating with Python-based websites.
  6. Its scalability lets you expand complex applications on a website with ease.


Some of the famous websites built with python are Instagram, Spotify, Reddit, etc.


Cons of Python-based Websites

  1. It lacks multiprocessor support
  2. It consumes high memory usage.
  3. It has database access limitations.
  4. Parallelism is not designed in the language for super elegant use.


So after all these pros and cons of both the WordPress and python based website, you may have decided which one to go for. 


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And even if not we can help a little bit more.

When to Choose a Wordpress Website

  1. Simply don’t know any of the coding stuff and still want to manage a website on its own.
  2. Want the website within a very short time.
  3. Clients that need only good CMS to manage their day to day contents within the website without bothering about other scaling and flexibility factors.
  4. It doesn’t need a customized application or plugin integration.
  5. It does not require high-end performance and customization at the same time.


When to Choose a Coded Website

  1. If you want a full customization option and control over each element of the website.
  2. You do have sufficient time to get a website developed from scratch.
  3. If you want your website scalable and flexible.
  4. If you are going to integrate high-end applications and customized plugins in the near future.
  5. Want your website to be robust, stable, and secure from cyber threats.
    P.S: This point is majorly dependent on the server you are choosing to deploy the website but the point is coded website has much more advantage in case of modification for the robustness and cyber protection.



Choosing the right platform can all boil down to the purpose of a website that will be delivered after its development. If you are a single user or blogger and need to do just content management then WordPress will be a good choice or if you are a company and thinking of scaling your business then a complete scratch coded website gives you much more flexibility achieving that.


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