What is domain authority and why it is important for rankings

What is domain authority and why it is important for rankings


Every marketer’s dream is to rank on 1st position on the SERP(search engine result page).

And for that every marketer works hard, they try their best to rank on their selected keywords.

But the ranking depends on many factors, and one of the factors that affect ranking the most is Domain Authority.

Now here the question may come to your mind that what exactly a domain authority is?

What is the domain authority?

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on the search page.

Above is the definition which is provided by Moz itself.

Moz has a whole dedicated page on it


In simple terms it just a number from 1-100, higher the no. your site is it is considered to be more authoritative.

How Moz calculate domain authority

Moz says that they calculate the domain authority of a site based on the data from the Mozscape web index.


But in reality, they have a “trade secret algorithm” like Google that determines domain authority.

However, Moz names the following factor to determine DA:

  • MozTrust
  • MozRank
  • Link profile

As you can see that from above 2 out of 3 are based on Moz proprietary systems.

Moz also says that there are many other factors other than this which is responsible for domain authority, so it is not simple to improve your domain authority just by focusing on several factors, you have to look at the overall structure and have to prepare for it accordingly.

So the domain authority improvement process is also a part of your SEO.

According to Moz domain authority is a logarithmic scale.

That means it is easy to grow your domain authority from 15 to 25 but it is comparatively difficult to improve your authority from 45 to 55.


From the above graph, you can take an idea of what we have talked about above.

Let us take a look at the domain authority of some popular websites

Amazon – 96



 Google – 95



eBay – 94



The above sites have very high domain authority from them it is very difficult to increase their authority even by 1 point.

Although domain authority was calculated on several factors like root domains, inbound links, etc.

But for the websites that have very high domain authority, these factors are not enough to improve the authority.

So if you are someone whose website has authority like 15-20-25 you can improve your domain authority easily if you follow the correct path.

Why domain authority is very important

Although Google has said that it doesn’t use domain authority as a factor in ranking the pages.

But it is seen that the pages that rank high often has the high domain authority and usually gets more traffic than the sites which have low domain authority.


The above graph is showing that sites that have more domain authority have a higher rate of increase in their rank.

As we discussed in the beginning that it is the dream of every marketer to rank on the top, and why not as the top-ranked site gets huge traffic as compared to the other positions.


Without a doubt, the top-ranked webpage gets more traffic and high domain authority helps the site rank higher.

The ranking is not only about target certain keywords and builds a certain number of backlinks there are many factors other than these.

And one such factor is domain authority.

Closer you’re from number 100 the better it would be for your website.

As you have seen above that the best websites also don’t have domain authority as 100 be it would be better if you’re close to it.

Think about it that if someone has a small business and they want to expand their online share how they can do it?

For that they have to increase their presence on the online platform, one way they can do it is they can run their online ads.

But it will only give them one-time leads if they want to genuinely increase their presence they have to give online users what they are searching for.

They can post blogs regarding the products or the industry they are working in.

Other than this they can sell their products at a very attractive price or by running an impressive ad campaign.

In long run say about 3-5 years domain authority is going to be their best friend in the online space as all the above methods, in the long run, may not benefit them, and if they do they still have to make many efforts in them.

But the story is different in domain authority if you’re consistently working on it, it will going to be very beneficial for you.


The above image is of the Moz blog.

As you can see that they are saying that for a brand new website the domain authority is one.

And the small business with fewer inbound links has less domain authority.

A new website will not get traffic instantly after they have to work on it, also domain authority of a new website will increase slowly and gradually.

But you have to understand that you have to keep working on it without thinking much about the results if you are on the right path results will take care of themselves in the future.

The biggest advantage you will get from higher domain authority in the future that whatever you will post no matter what the post is your ranking will be very good from the rest of the sites.

Currently, there is no study on what is the average domain authority of most of the small businesses.

But in countries like India where small businesses contribute a very large portion of the GDP, people were still not very much aware of the benefits of taking their business online.

So if you were a small business in such countries starting early will be very beneficial for you.


Domain authority is like the reputation you have in the online market.

It’s more than just a number from 1 to 100.

We have discussed all the points that why domain authority is important for you and if you follow the instructions we have discussed above you will surely improve your domain authority.

 Above all start focussing on improving your domain authority, and reap the benefits of it.

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