What is Digital Marketing and how it is like in 2020

What is Digital Marketing and how it is like in 2020


So Digital Marketing is one of the most searched and trending topics around past decades and even in 2020, but before understanding what is digital marketing and what is digital marketing in 2020? Let’s first go through with the basics. 

What Is Digital Marketing? And How Does It Differ From Traditional Marketing?

To understand this we must know the basics of marketing. So we will know the difference between marketing and sales at first.

So in simple terms Sales is an act of exchanging goods or services in exchange for money but Marketing is the process that creates the opportunity for this act of sale to happen to bring a seller and a customer or client to one place to form a market. Sales is a one-time act but marketing continues before and after the sale of a product or service also. E.g. Before buying a car the buyer will go through different types of advertisement channels (inc. tv, newspaper, social media, etc) now these advertisements can be classified as marketing and this is creating an opportunity for the salesperson to sell the product to the potential customer coming to his showroom in exchange money. Now if sales are successfully done the post services are also considered as marketing.

So now we know what marketing and sales are,  now we will know more about marketing. Marketing can be classified into two categories

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing can be described as the physical form of marketing that means reaching out to the customers or clients in the form of BillBoards, Newspapers, Cold Calling, and PR. Whereas Digital Marketing consists of reaching customers via digital media including television, social media platforms, websites, emails, and search engines. Traditional marketing is still used but very less as compared to digital platforms.

So Digital Marketing can be defined as creating an opportunity for sellers and buyers to come together for trade by the means of Digital Media mentioned above.


1. Total Available Market:

The market available using Traditional Marketing limits itself in the local areas only or maximum to the reach of the newspaper and hoardings. But Digital Marketing has the total available market in the globe. Social Media and search engines have connected the whole world so Digital Marketing has the potential to draw customers from any corner of the world.

2. Time: 

Apart from the total available market, the maximum time an individual is indulging or interacting with is none other than social media’s. This increases the chance of getting attention to any product or services popping in front of them. Whereas in Traditional Marketing the chances of an individual paying attention to a particular hoarding or an advertisement in the newspaper are very less.   

3. Engagements With The Posts:

The traditional method doesn’t give any engaging option to the customers with the posts while Digital Marketing provides interacting and engaging options to the customers with the posts.

4. Research Benefits:

Now with Digital Marketing the market researchers can easily get any data they want and conduct their research without disturbing the customers. (Research includes: customer feedback, customer behaviors before buying, etc.). This helps companies to plan and make strategies for a successful business with their products. But this data recording is very tough using Traditional Marketing.

5.  Brand Recognition:

Branding is the next big thing in the business world and using Digital Marketing it’s never been so easy, as compared with Traditional Marketing. The whole world is seeing you, so take advantage of this and create your own brand and trust with the customers.
So as we discussed these 5 points if you think we have missed any then feel free to comment and share your thoughts.


No doubt Digital Marketing is at its full pace than ever, a lot of new social media platforms have arrived where you can easily share your product or services organically or by paid advertisements to attract customers and every business is hugely investing in Digital Marketing.

Now the issue arriving is with the inflow of huge amounts of content, making it hard for marketers to get engagements by the customers easily which was not that tough earlier with less amount of content within this segment. And also the way of marketing any product or service is hugely changing over time. 

Let’s see some of the important changes:

1. Customer Experience:

The customers are more reliant on the company or brand that are successful in achieving their trust and loyalty with their marketing strategies and customer experience. The most buzzing word nowadays is surely customer experience in terms of presale and also the post-sale. It includes efficiency, convenience, and friendly services, along with up to date technology and personalization all this add to the customer experience. That’s why you have been asked many times to share your feedback about the product or the service. This is hugely affecting how one company will retain the existing customers and also find new ones.   

2. Content Marketing:

Now according to a report, people are more likely to consume visual content as compared to simple text. And the report says something like this:
visual content facts
As you can see from the data, the more attractive your post will be you will be more likely to be in advantage. And the video segment has also changed the way anyone could feel about a product even without owning it in the place. And thus bringing a whole new level of engagement among the users. Let’s consider another major factor in the Digital Marketing segment which is changing how users will engage is AI and automation. 


3. AI And Automation:

With more than ever, data is being produced and processed, the use of this data hugely has a crucial role in the Digital world, and no doubt that every single online business and digital marketers are behind it. Taking an example, voice search is the most trending topic in the digital world and according to google 20% of daily searches are voice searches only and this will rise even higher in the coming days. With the arrival of Google Assistance speakers and Amazon Echo, AI-driven speakers are really pushing voice searches to the next level. And if we talk about automation, chatbots are the ones which you will find on every other website these days, even on this one also. These AI and automation techniques are changing the way of interactions with the users and helping to generate a lot of leads without actually interacting with the user in person and this is something amazing. In the near future, we will see much more use of AI and automation in Digital Marketing.
20% searches are being done by voice search
These are some major changes coming in the Digital space and the way of engaging with users. Let’s see what more technology will bring for us in the future. 

But before going anywhere let’s watch out for points to take care of before searching for a “Digital Marketing Agency near me” or "Top Digital Marketing agency" in the search engine.

1. Don't Play With Imaginary Numbers:

Before reaching out to any digital marketing agency evaluate your current figures of revenue and set a target to present in front of them before handing the job to them. This will help you to evaluate your ROI(Return on investment) and the agency to make strategies according to your target goals.

2. Going To Magicians:

It happens that many of the companies starting digital marketing assume to see the revenues and ROI going up magically within a few days. But unfortunately, that might not be the scenario. Because it takes time for potential clients and customers to actually give attention to your product or services maybe because of the cautious nature of human beings. So give yourself and your agency the time before you see actually the numbers to rail on.

3. Providing Value Is The Key:

Days have changed and the best practice in marketing is not direct marketing itself instead of providing a ton of values and then converting is the new way of marketing. So make sure your agency focuses on providing values to your potential client or customer before pitching anything.

4. Never Try To Push Your Thoughts:

Always try to discuss and resonate with your agency before pushing your thoughts irresistibly to them. And I am sure if you try to they will understand and resonate too.

5. Build A Healthy Relationship:

Always be in a healthy relationship with your agency as you do to your own clients and customers. If something is not clicking in between it may be the time you should move on.

So that’s all you need to know about Digital Marketing in 2020 and factors to take care of before hiring any top digital marketing agency in 2020.

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