What is backlink and why backlinks are so important

What is backlink and why backlinks are so important


What is a backlink and how it works?

In normal day to day life, If we want to take help in some of our important work we ask for a referral. But from where we get the referrals to get our job done?

From our contacts or our contacts of contacts. In the tech world, it is backlink in simple words.

A backlink is a link to other site someone is putting on their site.

Moz defines backlink as a link created when one website links to another.


In the above example website, A has put a link of website B on their site so a backlink is created for website b. Now here you can think that okay website A has put a link of website B on their site, but why website a is doing that?

The answer is there can be many answers.

Some of the reasons why a website put a link of another website on their site are:

  • It provides value to its users. For example, let’s say your website is giving reviews about shoes and you have to prove what you are saying then you can provide a link so that your readers can check it.
  • It makes your users work easily. Like if on a blog you were talking about some product then you can put the link to purchase the product so that your user doesn’t have to make efforts.
  • To give additional information. To provide readers more insight on a particular topic you can put the link of some well-known site which has specialized knowledge in that field, or you can put the link of some research studies.

So till now, we have talked about what a backlink is and why the other websites put links on their sites, In between all of this it is important to know to that which site is putting link affects the value of the link.

Yes, all backlinks have different values. The backlink one received from a high domain authority site is much more valuable than the backlink received from a site that has very less domain authority.

Now the question is what is more important then?

Quality of backlinks or Quantity of backlinks?

The answer is not so straight forward because it depends on many factors, if someone has a new website then to get quality of backlinks is very difficult.

But the organic traffic one gets from the quality of backlinks is by far greater then the traffic one gets from many other backlinks.


The above graph shows that the website that lands on the top pages of Google has a large number of backlinks as compared to the pages that land on the next pages.

But it also doesn’t mean that only the large amount of backlinks websites will rank on the top position. It is a mixture or an optimized quality and quantity of backlinks.

Why backlinks are important?

In real life how we gain the trust of other people? When many people were saying that this or that person is good at doing some stuff then it creates some sense of trust in that person regarding doing that work.

This works the same for the search engines.

If many sites are putting the link of a particular site on their websites then it gives the search engine a signal that this particular web page or website is valuable and worth surfacing on a SERP.

So earning these backlinks was valuable for a website as it also helps to increase its authority.


This is the graph from SEO Siren that breaks the Domain Authority into parts.

Note: This graph represents his thoughts about DA.

But no doubt building diversified links is an integral part of the domain authority.

Also if a website is old and is very active then also domain authority of the website will increase.

By active here it means that you must post articles and blogs every month, keep engaging your site in various activities.

The main goal of every marketer is to land on the top position on the top page, but that required consistent efforts and quality of content.

Also, this is not enough, it is very difficult to land on the top page if your domain authority is very less. Therefore you must have to build diversified backlinks to improve your domain authority and which in turn help you to improve your ranking.




The above image is showing the study done by Moz where they found that 99.2% of all top 50 results have at least one backlink to their web page.

They also mentioned that the rest 0.8% is within their margin of error means you could ignore it.

So now it is clear that backlinks are very important for your website no matter what your website is all about, if it has backlinks it would be in a much better position.

But you have to know that it didn’t work instantly, it can take an average of 10weeks per link to go up one position.


So you have to patiently keep working on creating good links, and know that it would take many weeks to see the results.




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