Understanding SEO Services and Its Benefits For Businesses in 2020

Understanding SEO Services and Its Benefits For Businesses in 2020


What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. And as we know a search engine provides information to its users with their query by listing a bunch of websites containing that particular information known as search engine result pages(SERP). Now an SEO is a part of search engine marketing and it helps a website to get placed on the 1st page of the SERP among other thousands of website listings.

Okay, before we head into further discussion about SEO let’s see, what is web crawling and indexing?

Simply web crawling means reading the website contains data and storing it in an accessible way. So search engines crawl the website contents through their crawling bots or spider bots and it all started with a known website crawling and following the links attached to the website between the pages and storing each webpage of the website and other linked websites and thus forming a web network. These crawled web data are indexed and known as cached data which appear on the SERPs. So before understanding SEO, we will first identify the SERP features in a search engine.

Well, have you convinced here only and want to know how SEO services can benefit your business?   


Let’s understand common SERP attributes and understand the basic work functioning of search engines. The common SERP attributes consist of : 

  1. Count of Pages
  2. Featured Snippets
  3. People also Ask Box
  4. Organic Results


1. Count Of Pages

Count of Pages


So as we can see for the keyword (The search term that is used by the users) “basics of seo” we got 22,00,00,000 results, these results are the total “ count of pages” or also technically known as “Cached Pages” of search engines for the keyword “basics of seo”.


2. Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets


3. People Also Ask

people also ask

So here for the keyword “SEO”, we got the “people also ask” box which generally comprises common queries related to the search term.


4. Organic Result:

organic result

So the result below the featured snippets or here in case of “SEO” is termed as organic results. These are the webpages or cached web pages of different websites containing information related to SEO.

Learn more about Featured Snippets and Update in 2020.

So as we learned about SERP’s, let’s see how SEO is used to influence the SERPs and what are some basic terminologies used in the SEO industry.

Starting with the term Keyword which is referred to as the “search term used by the user in the search query box to get information”. Keywords can be a single word like simply “SEO” or a sentence type like “ what do you mean by SEO”.

Now with the search being done and the result is shown the next term can be the Ranking, as we learned above the SERP provides us with organic results that contain web pages with the information about the asked keyword, SERP lists those webpages in order by following some set of rules guided by the algorithms of search engines. The listing of the webpages in accordance is called ranking of the webpages.

Well, that’s the two terms basically all SEO works around. Now Let’s understand how the alteration in keywords can affect the ranking and the SERPs.

For this example let’s take 3 types of queries:

  1. SEO
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Basics of SEO

The SERP For The Keyword "SEO":
serp of seo


The SERP For “Search Engine Optimization” :
serp of search engine optimiztion


The SERP For “Basics Of SEO”
serp of basics of seo


So comparing all the results, you can see that the SERP for “SEO” and “search engine optimization” is quite similar but the placement of the first two websites is interchanged and the third result page is quite different in terms of “featured snippets” in place of “people also ask” box.

So as we saw that even a small change in query for the same topic can alter the rankings of websites in SERP. 

Search Engines continuously change their algorithm in order to satisfy their users' needs or to match users' behavior, how they interact with the search engines to find what they need.  So in accordance, search engines show 3 types of results to different query types, and these are called as Search Intents of users and can be defined as:

  1. Informational search intent
  2. Transactional search intent
  3. Navigational search intent

Search engines provide the SERP according to these 3 search intents of the user.


So an SEO process starts with:

  1. Research
      a. Defining Goals
      b. Identifying Keywords
      c. Analyzing Keywords
  2. Auditing
      a. Indexation
      b. Accessibility
      c. Content
      d. Authority
  3. Optimizing
      a. Site Optimization
      b. Content Optimization
      c. Technical Optimization
      d. Local Optimization
  4. Amplifying
      a. Inbound Links
      b. Trust building online
      c. Social
  5. Iteration
      a. Measure
      b. Report

Now each point can be another topic of discussion in details so I will leave it here only and let’s quickly see how an SEO service can benefit several businesses :

  1. SEO improves your website performance and visibility on the web
  2. SEO improves the rank of a website and helps it to stand out from competitors.
  3. SEO brings pre-qualified leads(customers already in need of particular products or services) to the business through a high ranking on SERP. 
  4. SEO can be great for the online reputation building of the business.
  5. SEO can help to build your own brand

Okay so the benefits of SEO can be countless and we would like to close this discussion with recent trends of SEO in 2020:


  1. Search Intent focused SEO is the best strategy.
  2. Featured snippets are now the 1st rank holder in a SERP
  3. Mobile-first indexing is rolled out as mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches.
  4. Long-tail keywords are in more focus as voice assistance is being used by many users.

So, these are some of the basic understanding of SEO, how SEO services can provide benefits to business, and recent trends in the SEO industry.

Get in touch with us to know more and get the plan on how an SEO strategy for your business can work best and give you amazing results over the web.

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