Step by Step guide for beginners to SEO

Step by Step guide for beginners to SEO


When you have just started a website generally you don’t have a lot of content, But you want to attract a lot of traffic, organic visitors for search and social but haven’t build any backlinks or promote your content much at all.

What should you do?

1. Capitalize on local SEO

If you are a local business SEO is much easier than if you’re targeting large audiences. Nowadays Google has become smarter. It is easy to find for Google when anybody is searching for a business.

 So take the required steps and start registering your business on different sites like Just Dial and Google business.

  • Make sure you must give enough details about your business, you also can post your images of office, your business logo and images of your team to gain the public trust.
  • After all of the above optimize your website. In your dedicated pages write enough content so that both people and search engines can understand that what is what all about.
  • Also, make a dedicated contact page. This page should contain all the detailed information Like your address, your map listing with the exact location of your office, your contact no., email id, etc.
  • You also should have to add in testimonials so that you can separate your page from your homepage and also with the other businesses in your area.

If you do this then people will come to know that this is a standard business, good service, good product.

 Let's say you have an SEO service company in Delhi and people in need of these services if search any query related to this like SEO company in Delhi or SEO services in Delhi then this will help you rank for these queries.

Now you can also claim other similar profiles. People often make use of other websites to get information about their own business.

Make sure once you have listed your business to several sites out there you should keep a check on the reviews you are getting because this is very crucial for the reputation of your business.

2. Focus on video

These days people will likely want to see a video on a topic than to read a blog.

 Think yourself how many blogs you have read last week vs how many videos you have seen.

As people have very little attention span these days so it is easier in videos to grab their attention and to retain the information that they have received.

Let’s take our previous example of an SEO service company in Delhi, So it is better that we can post a good content quality informative video on FAQ’s of SEO than to post a blog on it.

Also, youtube is growing rapidly so it will help to create an audience base there.

3. Content

You may have heard this before also “Content is the king”. Make quality content, either write yourself or hire good writers but create content that will add some value to the reader.

According to Copypress the average word count of pages that rank top is above 2000.

Also, there is a direct correlation between pages that high word count with their rankings.

 So you should write in such a way that your article or blog may cover all the detailed information.

Don’t just do stuffing of your keywords in between the articles rather write an article long enough so that you can easily use your keywords.

4. Focus on long-tail keywords

It is important for you to know that as a new website you can’t compete with big brands on the keywords that are highly competitive.

So you must rather focus on the long specific keywords which have less competition so that you can rank higher on them and also can focus on your niche initially.

Long-tail keywords may be of four-five-six words long.

A good example is rather than targeting on the keyword SEO, or SEO services, you can target keywords like SEO services in Delhi or SEO services companies in Delhi.

While choosing the keyword keep one thing in mind that if the keyword that less SEO difficulty and of high volume then it is the more important keyword for you.

And you can get a high percentage of conversions from those keywords.

5. Target topic, not queries

This can be done through the process of creating content clusters. Having pillar pages for more competitive terms that you want to rank for and then create articles on the long tail variations of those keywords.

Then interlink these articles from one to another so that they were mutually reinforcing each other and that will help you to rank for everything

A good example of this is The beginner's guide to SEO by Moz. Its why they rank so well.

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