SEO title tag and it's importance in ranking

SEO title tag and it's importance in ranking


Search engines use various parameters to determine the ranking of a website.

Every search engine wants that their user will get the best answers to their queries.

But how will a search engine determine whether the content provides the best answers to their user's query?

Through SEO title tag. A title tag for SEO is not only important for the search engines but also for the content writers. Because your title tag gives an indication to the search engine what this content is all about.

The advantage of digital marketing is that they may rank you on the top but if you want to rank on the top pages on your own you need to understand the importance of SEO title tags.

First of all your title tag should be meaningful to your content, Google first notices your SEO title tag, not your content, so it is important that you choose your SEO title very carefully.

Second, it should be relevant enough for the bots, as they crawl your website and rank it accordingly this gave them the idea of what your website is all about.

Search engines are becoming smarter and smarter day by day and week by week. The engineers at Google keep writing better algorithms for Google to perform better and show the best page that can provide the best explanation for the user's query.

According to Moz   “Title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO after content”.

What are Title tags

If you are a beginner to SEO, maybe you are wondering what exactly an SEO title tag is?

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The title tag is nothing but the headline on the SERP (search engine results page).

The above picture is showing you the title tags.  

Whenever you search a query and see a headline for pages they are all title tags for those pages.

Your title tag is basically a message to the reader that what the page is all about.


You must have heard one more important term called the meta description. Title tag and meta description combine to give a brief idea about your content.


And whether you have written your keyword or not in the title tag and in meta description affects your ranking very much.

Why title tags are so important

SEO has various elements: On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, technical SEO, and Local SEO. The title tag is a very important part of on-page SEO in determining the ranking of a page.


1. The title tag gives both people and search engines a brief idea about the content. If the reader doesn’t find a title tag relevant to his/her query he/she most probably skip that page.

So it is important to optimize the title tag because if people skip that page then it gives a signal to search engine that maybe your page isn’t relevant and satisfying to its customers.

2. The title tag is what people see if your page is shared on social media. And the importance people give to that page is all based on the title tag that you have used for that page.

If you have poorly written your title tag than it may reduce the clicks, which search engine see as the important factor for rankings.

How to optimize your title tag

Till now we have discussed what are title tags and why they are important, but whether you know that they are important or not you must know how to optimize it.

1. Unique tags

If a search engine finds that you have copied the tag then the chances are very high that they’ll ignore it, because when the search engine finds multiple pages with the same tag it makes no meaning for the search engine.

So you have to make good headlines which are both attractive and useful. And make sure you include your keywords in the tag this will help you to better rank in the Google search.

2. Research your keywords well

The biggest mistake content writers make is that they try to fix the keyword in their title but it may look ugly.

Instead, you should research your keyword well that supports your content and fits well in the title.

There are many tools available to search for different combinations of keywords like Ubersuggest when you type the keyword it will suggest to you the other keywords which you can rank for.

You can see above it will show different keywords ideas along with their SEO difficulty.

One more way to this is that you optimize your title tag to match with the wording you are using with the query that is being searched.

3. Add a benefit in tag

If possible add a benefit in your tag. A title tag if communicate a benefit than it will stand out in comparison to the other tags.

It gives a call-to-action and thus increases the chance of click, which in turn increases the traffic on the page. It is also more than just this it is simply helping in giving the information in fewer words.

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