4 SEO basics that will make you a PRO

4 SEO basics that will make you a PRO

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You might wonder if I tell you that increase in your traffic has no direct relation with your revenue, it is possible that your traffic is increasing and your revenue is decreasing simultaneously.

 So is it mean that SEO services or enterprise SEO services has no use, well it’s not that straight forward. If you have to generate organic traffic to your site then SEO is going to be your best friend but when it comes to generating more revenue then you have to focus on from where your traffic is coming. Organic search is best when it comes to conversions.

So this made clear that SEO is as important as ever. So whether you are a beginner or you have worked on it for years but not get the desired results here are some tips for you to achieve the mastery on it.


Tip #1: Content

Now almost every SEO company in Delhi or New York starts writing content by targeting several keywords, to rank higher but this alone may not get them the results.

First thing you need to keep in mind that Google has become smarter than it was in the past, and you need to know what Google wants. Google wants to give the most relevant answer to its reader and that too in very less time.

So the old practices like stuffing your keywords while blogging and use keywords repetitively throughout the blog may not get you to the desired results, instead, you should focus more on the quality of the content and make sure that whatever you are writing must add value to the user.

                           What is keyword stuffing? - Quora

A Research was done by Brian Dean’s (internationally recognized SEO expert) shows that an average page that ranks on the 1st page of google contains about 2000 words now see the details they were providing to the readers.

 So write your article long enough that it will touch all the details that users required on that topic.

Write as if you are talking directly to them, this will also provide you many areas in which you can use your keywords and also the value to the customer.

Next, you should make sure that you also rank on a variable number of keywords because the average pages that rank on the first  page of google also rank for several other varieties of keywords as well.


 If you are targeting the first page then you must also rank decent for at least 800-900 keywords. And after you have done all of the above then after some months of publishing your content you should revise them and make necessary changes to it.


Tip #2: Don’t focus on building many backlinks rather focus on reputed links

Think yourself 100’s of links from local sites which itself don’t have any reputations and traffic would provide the value to your link or one link from state own newspaper would give you more value.

But yeah more the number of links your website has higher is indeed their position in Google search.


So when it comes to link you should stress more on building personal relationships with valued site owners.

 But the problem is how?

Why should they link to you?

Whenever you have to build a connection with someone whether they have a high market value or not always remember the best way is to help them. People don’t like to be sold they like to be helped.

How you can help them?

No matter how big someone is they always wanted to hear the genuine reviews from their audience you can contact them by telling that how much you like their content, and what value it provides in your life and if they wrote you back by thanking you, then next time you can tell them that how can they improve in the area that they are lacking or what should people want anything that helps them to see the broader picture of their work.

And if they wrote you back then CONGRATS!! You have to build a genuine good link. Keep going and then somewhat later you can ask them for the link. I know this is a very time-consuming process but in the long run, it will help you in both buildings your network and improving the authority of your site.


Tip #3: How organized your website is

The experienced user is getting after arriving on your site helps search engine to rank you accordingly.

Say you have all the detailed relevant information on your page but if it doesn’t look good chances are very high that users leave it without spending any time on it.

Here is the ex of two pages of the same search to see where you would like to spend your time.



Isn’t it’s obvious that we like 2nd page better and would likely to go this site for sure.

The search engine records all the activity of the user and it creates a bad impression of your site if many people are existing from your site without spending time on it.

Remember that before reading a user see how the content was written if it was written in a large chunk of paragraphs then they may not read it.

 So in your content add sub-headings, bullet points, images, graphs, case studies which will look better and also helps in engaging the reader.

•             Also focus on how the page is looking is it contain too many Ads?

•             Is it contains too many irrelevant images then it may irritate the reader

•             Does the user gets what it wants easily

                     most important factor in design of website

The best website is which provides users what it wants easily, means which has easy call-to-action keys which land the user directly on the page which he/she is searching in just one click.

Here are some very good examples of great websites like Apple, Bloomberg, Microsoft, etc.

Before Google, Yahoo was the most used searched engine but the problem they have was they filled all the information in just one page. Whole news, updates, videos link, And in all of that a small search tab.  Think how frustrating it was then Google came into the picture and they have a neat and clean site having only the big search tab on their page this gives the user a better experience and fulfillment to find what they want.


Tip #4: Mobile SEO

Data is showing that more than half of the traffic on the websites are now coming from mobile phones.

You need to work on the mobile version of your site, check our post on Mobile-first indexing.

 Otherwise, it may increase your bounce rates and also decrease in the traffic.

Here is what the studies show


Above is the percentage of traffic coming from mobile sites.

If your category falls among them then you should also need to take much care of the mobile version of the site.

The easiest way to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not is to check by Google’s mobile-friendly test.


On it, you’ll get the info like this one above.

If it passes the test then good it is mobile friendly.

But if it fails, then to fix the errors in it, you need to create a mobile-friendly website. You can take the help of Google’s preferred design.

When it comes to mobile many of us search for the local business.

For ex: ATM near me or, SEO services in Delhi or enterprise SEO services in Delhi or something like that

So for your business, it is necessary to optimize your SEO locally, to have an edge over your competitors.

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