Performance marketing for your E-commerce Store.

Performance marketing for your E-commerce Store.

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Performance marketing for your E-commerce Store.


We at Viral Groww provide services of Social Media Marketing that includes content calendar planning, creation of graphical content, caption content for all graphics, research on the hashtags and "Facebook Ads for your business." Our team do it all for your brand, in a very hassle-free manner that helps you to reach the audience over the web.

Planning about FB Ads? Here are the list of a few things that we should keep in mind while running the Facebook Ads to get sales -

The objective of the Facebook ads -

We want to generate as many product views as possible at the initial stage and retarget those people. We would try to lower down the cost of “View content” (which is a product view in layman language) and try to increase the conversion rate of each step in the user flow (View Content >> Add to Cart >> Initiate Checkout >> Purchase). We will also allot a certain budget to increase the engagement on the posts of Facebook/Instagram but that will be a side thing with the only purpose to get a good appearance of Instagram posts.

Execution Plan for Facebook Ads - 

Facebook Conversion Ads - For an Apparel Brand (Example)

  • Run 1 conversion campaign for Prospecting
    • Competition Targeting (Brands like Myntra, Bewakoof, Flipkart etc)
      • Run 3 creatives options
        • Top Products Carousel (7-8 Cards)
        • Offer Image
        • Offer Video (Less than 10seconds)
    • Interest-based targeting (Online shopping, Fashion, Etc.)
      • Run 3 creatives options
        • Top Products Carousel (7-8 Cards)
        • Offer Image
        • Offer Video (Less than 10seconds)
  • Run 1 Catalogue Sales campaign for Retargeting:
    • 1 AdSet
      • Targeting - View Content, Optimizing - Purchase. Keep the budget low in this as the target audience might not be huge so we don’t want to increase the frequency. Exclude purchasers audience from the targeting
        • Put Dynamic ads using the catalogue


You might question how to budget these different ads sets?

We use this budget pattern for almost all of our clients, and these proven methods have shown good results to our clients –

  • Run 1 conversion campaigns for Prospecting (60% of the daily budget)
  • Run 1 Catalogue Sales campaign for Retargeting: (15% off the daily budget)
  • Run Post Engagement/Page likes campaigns (25% of the daily target)


Things you should not do while running Facebook Ads –

  • Do not run traffic campaigns
    • Driving traffic to the website will not help us in any way. We want to make use of the FB algorithm and hence we would want to run Conversion campaigns for performance.
  • Do not promote multiple posts in 1 adset
  • Do not use regions in location targeting options. Always select States.
  • Do not tick on Expand the reach option


Things to remember while running Facebook ads –

  • Use proper names for the Campaigns/Adsets/Ads to make them easy to review in future. Eg:
    • Campaign Name (Post engagement ): PostPromotion | *Date* | *First 3-4 words of the post*
    • Campaign Name (Conversion ): PRO | Conversion | *Date*
    • Campaign Name(Catalog Sales ): RTG | CatalogSales | 11/01/2021
    • Adset Name: FB/IG_Competition
    • Adset Name: FB/IG_Interest
    • Ad Name: IMG_15%OFF
    • Ad Name: VD_15%OFF
    • Ad Name: Carousel_15%OFF
    • Ad Name: Dynamic_15%OFF


Get your Facebook ads planned and executed in such a seamless way with our experts on Facebook Marketing. Schedule a call now to know more.

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