List of SEO tools and services that will help you in viral growth of your site

List of SEO tools and services that will help you in viral growth of your site


List of SEO tools and services that will help you in viral growth of your site

Everyone wants to rank top of the search engines, but it take a lot of amount of work and planning in the right direction these SEO tools will help you in giving direction that where you must focus on.

The biggest advantage of doing SEO is that it is the source of organic leads. SEO does take time but it is the best source of marketing. As in SEO customer directly comes to you with its problem, and the probability is high that this lead can convert into the business, who wants to miss this opportunity?

What SEO tools provide you?

Before start using the SEO tools you must need to know the basic things first like:

How SEO works?

What do you want?

How can SEO tools help you?

Once you know all the answers to the above questions then you are ready to use the SEO tools.

Here the following SEO tools which help you in the viral growth of your site.

1. Ahrefs

It is one of the simple and best tools when it comes to SEO and content marketing.

Backlinks are one of the important key factors to calculate the Domain Authority of any website.

Site Explorer one of the features of Ahrefs is considered to be one of the best tools in the industry to see links of any site. It helps you to keep a check on your competitor and to learn more about your own site.


Ahrefs helps you in finding critical SEO issues that are becoming obstacles in the ranking of your site. There are a lot of features in Ahrefs which help you in competitive analysis, on-page optimization, content planning, keyword research, position tracker, etc.

And a lot more, it is the best SEO tool in the market. Period!

2. Ubersuggest

Want more traffic? Ubersuggest shows you how to win the game of SEO.

This is the tagline of Ubersuggest.

No doubt Neil Patel is the one the best marketer when it comes to SEO. He is in SEO for more than 15years. And his trust in Ubersuggest is very genuine.

Ubersuggest gives you a depth analysis about your site, keywords that you are ranking for, your competitor SEO factors for ranking, top pages, etc.

Say you provide SEO services in Delhi and your competition is someone which is a website designing company in Laxmi Nagar then you can see the keywords on which they are ranking and from where they are generating their backlinks this gives you an advantage over them and on other SEO services in Delhi.  

The overview of your site after typing the URL looks like this.

When you type your URL Ubersuggest will also give you the Health Check, Critical Errors, Warnings and Recommendations for your site, this will help you in increasing the domain authority of your site, and increase organic traffic to your site.

3. Authority Spy

“The Most Powerful Software for Finding + Analyzing Influential People & Blogs On the Web!”

This is the tagline of Authority Spy. As it sounds if you want to connect with the top influencers and link with them then Authority spy is the right place for you.

It is the best tool to find out the influencers in your niche. This way you also can build quality backlinks which helps you to improve your authority.

4. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google has made a big change in its algorithm called “Mobile-First Indexing”.

As many sites nowadays are getting from mobile so Google wants your site to be Mobile Friendly.

To test this they have released this tool which you can check here.

This tool tells you if your site is mobile-friendly or not, and what changes you need to make in your site's code. And how you can improve it.



The tool is better than Google’s keyword. It represents results alphabetically if there are any plans to incorporate search volumes in the future.

It creates more keywords to suggest than any other tool.

It uses the same concept as Google suggests but for a handful of sites like Youtube and Amazon.

As with other tools like Ubersuggest, uses Google’s Autocomplete engine to generate a variety of long-tail keyword suggestions based on any particular root keyword.

For Example, if you have searched SEO services in Delhi, then it can show you the variety of other keywords you can rank for like: content writing services in Delhi, SEO company in Delhi.

Or if you have searched Website Designing then it can show you other keywords like Website designing company in Delhi, Website designing company in Laxmi Nagar, etc.



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