Increase Your Hotel Bookings in 2020 with these Digital Marketing Strategies

Increase Your Hotel Bookings in 2020 with these Digital Marketing Strategies


If you are a hotel owner, chances are you are always looking for new customers for your establishment. So you may not know where to start, Viral Groww is here to help you with digital hotel marketing strategies and services under one roof.

Digital marketing has taken an important place in the activity of hotels around the world, regardless of the type of hotel, its size, or categoryThe reason for this success is simple: the booking route has gone digital and customers have gone online. As a leading provider of digital hotel marketing services, we know that knowledge is crucial, both for the company you decide to work with and when you manage the marketing of your own business. To help you be as successful as possible with your self-made marketing plan, we have put together a collection of ideas and strategies related to digital hotel marketing.

  • Optimize your website for research

One of the best plans for hotel digital marketing is to make sure that the website of your hotel is optimized through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for search engines. If you are competing with two nearby hotels for the first position, working your position in the search engines can lead to a large increase in clicks on your site.


  • Strengthen Your Local Profiles

Building your local profile isn't entirely Google, of course. Many potential customers will do local research on websites. Make sure that your profile is complete on these websites, that you have added several professional photos, and that you check and respond to reviews or opinions which can also be a huge springboard to your hotel's online presence, not to mention reputation management.


  • Social media marketing

We cannot achieve digital hotel marketing without talking about social media. With the growing number of digital travelers, social networks have become a versatile, efficient, and indispensable hotel marketing channel. The most successful hotel strategies integrate several social media platforms.


  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important digital marketing channel and available for hotels. With customer engagement, high conversion rates and high returns on investment, email marketing has proven itself and is now a good way to grow a hotel business.


  • Educate more guests with content marketing

For long-term marketing, content marketing is the best strategy. Content marketing is all about creating relevant content like articles, blogs, or guides for the site. It helps in increasing visitor's interest in your hotel. Content marketing is typically used to educate users on a topic, but hotels can also use it to attract visitors who are seeking out for facts on related topics, making them more likely to end up as clients.

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