How to improve SEO Ranking of your website on SERPs?

How to improve SEO Ranking of your website on SERPs?

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How to improve website rankings?

The search ranking of any website on SERPs i.e. Search Engine Result Pages plays a fundamental role in determining the success of online marketing, search marketing strategy used as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used by a website. Higher website rankings lead to better quantity and quality in regards to the online traffic that the website generates.

Some of the most common techniques used by any search engine optimization company include researching keywords, building backlinks, analysis of similar websites, etc. However with time, new approaches or more complex routines for better interface and user satisfaction have been developed, but before moving to those, it is imperative to understand some of the basic tips and techniques, which can lead to higher website rankings.

A. Quality content:

It is a major misconception existent in the general market that the quantity of keywords in the content takes supremacy over the quality of the content. Nonetheless, we couldn't be further away from reality, as the uniqueness of the content, language used, framing of sentences alongside the technical jargons used, as well as the tone of the article determines the quality and quantity of online traffic thus generated. They also play a key role in increasing the chances of subscribers as well as the loyalty of potential consumers. Earlier just a 1500+ words blog generated a huge amount of leads. However, today the length doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the content, which can be achieved only by investing time, money as well as human resources for achieving the aim of a higher website ranking. The SEO services firm, Viral Groww helps you achieve the same and put your best foot forward.

B. Placement of keywords:

Another myth that originated with the keyword craze with spikes in demand for a competent search engine optimization company, is the lack of finesse in the placement of a keyword or keywords while publishing web content. A well-placed keyword refers to such a style of sentence framing, which though inclusive of a repetitive keyword doesn’t break the flow of the passage and neither is off-putting to the reader. Another important tip is to place the primary keyword in the first 25 words of the content, maybe in the heading itself as well. This often leads to a better website ranking in SERPs.

C. Titles and Headings:

It is agreeably a good idea to use your primary keyword in the title or heading itself, however, placement is of the utmost importance. What, we mean to say is that Google and many other search engines put a higher emphasis on words showing up earlier in your title tag. Thus, try and place your primary keyword early on itself. To understand the importance of the meta tags for On-Page optimization visit at SEO Title Tag Importance.

Another major mistake made by a large no. of users and online marketers is keyword stuffing or over usage and consumption. Adding unnecessary keywords to the title or to the content or unnecessarily repetition has counterproductive results with a lower website ranking, as almost all search engine algorithms in an effort to maintain search quality of content avoid websites that have unhealthy usage of keywords. The ideal no. of times to use the same is, 1% of the total number of words or length of any piece or article.

D. Image SEO:

Image optimization isn’t necessarily just for better ranking in Google images. In fact, Google recently analyzed in a survey that a website that has properly optimized images rank better in SERPs. According to Viral Groww, a search engine optimization company in Delhi, all you need to do is name your image files with descriptive names, which makes it easier for the search engine to recognize the contents of the image file. Using descriptive alt text is another solution for better website ranking as most search engines rely extensively on image alt text for identifying contents of the file.

E. Improve user experience:

The user experience of a website can help both directly as well as indirectly in determining a higher website ranking. If a large number of people start bouncing from your website, after landing on it from SERPs, the ranking of your site takes a hit for the worse. On the other hand, if the users find the content useful more people share and link to it, triggering a positive domino effect, leading to better website ranking.

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