How To Grow A New Website

How To Grow A New Website


Every beginner has to start from zero.

But every beginner must know basics on how to rank a website higher in Google searches.

One has to understand that most of the popular bloggers in today’s date have started their blogging career many years before, and at that time there was very little competition to rank higher as SEO wasn’t that competitive as it was today.

Many times a common question is being asked that how many blogs do one need to generate a significant amount of traffic?

No one would give you the exact numerical answer to this because it depends on many factors.

But Forbes believes that you need at least 400 blogs to generate sustainable traffic.

According to Hubspot, you need to publish at least 16 posts per month consistently for several months to gain more traffic from those who don’t blog or rarely post any content.

So if you follow the rules and key points discussed below you will start getting traffic to your site.

The best thing is you don’t need to spend money to follow these points.

You only need to know what works and what doesn’t.

So let’s begin

What Do You Have

As a new business, or a new website what do you have?

Do you have capital?

Do you have any real connections?

Do you have any specialized knowledge or manpower?

Find out first what do you have because from there only you have to build a road map of your action plan.

After you have found out what you have (it is possible that you don’t have anything), now focus on the Key Growth factors that will help you.

Key Growth Factors :

 1.  Basic Math

You must have to work on a mathematical approach while working on your model, so you can have a count on both your efforts and results.

  • Keywords evaluation

Do the keywords research. Find out the keywords which have high volume and low SEO difficulty so you can rank easily on them.

You can also take the help of digital marketing companies there are many digital marketing services in India they can help you.

  • Domain Authority

Your domain’s authority score based on several factors but most important is the links.

How many other sites are pointing you at their site?

According to Ahrefs, there is a direct correlation between the backlinks and the traffic received by the site.


  • Connections

Some quality connections will help you the most when you are a beginner.

But how you build quality connections.

For building quality connections you have to be pro-active on the groups of social media where specialized people interact with each other.

Go take part in their conversations to help them by sharing your reviews on their work.

And if you are lucky you can make a connection with them and they can help you too.

2. Analysis

Change is the only constant. To keep growing every month you have to analyze where your traffic is coming.

Adjust yourself accordingly. Don’t focus on the things which don’t give you any traffic.

Follow 80/20 principle it says that you get 80percent of traffic from the only 20percent of the resources.

Track and analyze your daily, weekly, and monthly reports of your website. What does it indicate?

The analytics report helps you to give the direction where you should put your efforts.


From an analytics report, you will understand that from where most of your traffic is coming, where you should focus more and where you shouldn’t focus.

3. Build Resources

You must have something on your website which attracts many people. Yeah, one indeed has to focus on one thing and you should also focus on what’s important for you.

But here the point is you can do it better by improving your pages and make them look more attractive. For this, you can use colors, designs, etc. that attract people.


Whether you are building a business website or a blogging website you must need to have a specialization in a certain field.

Let's say you were a digital marketing services company in India and started your new website and wants to attract more organic traffic by doing SEO.

And for that, you started blogging on your site, but you need to understand that without having specialization you won’t be able to write good content by yourself.

Don’t take it the wrong specialization doesn’t mean to have a degree, rather it is how excellently you can do your work.

As Jeff Bezos said you have to become obsessed with your customers.

Means to deliver quality content you must need to specialize in something, otherwise, you’ll deliver low-quality content.


You may here take the help of content writing services they will help you, but don’t do it if you don’t have a specialization or full knowledge in that field.

Or if you want to start a blogging website then you need to have a specialization in something or you can post creative things which you think people will like but in that case, make sure you regularly take feedback from your audience.

Don’t Worry About Advertising  

Google ad words are no doubt the best way to get the leads.


If you have clarity about what you’re doing, who is your actual customers, and have the access to the capital then ads will skyrocket your growth.

But generally, new businesses must not invest large capital in ads. If you were not spending much money on ads then it will take you to explore more creative ways to attract people.

And if you can succeed in this then it is the best way to attract organic traffic. And once you start getting what people like this will help you much for your future content.

Focus On Getting Referrals From Another Website

If you check your Google analytics report.


You will see people coming to your website in four ways:

1. Organic search: People coming from here most probably find your pages from their search results.

2. Direct: These people come through direct typing your URL in their domain.

3. Referral: These are the people who find you through links.

4. Paid: These people come through your paid advertising campaigns.

Now if you take a look on the above options you’ll notice that direct isn’t helpful because people don’t know you as you have a new website, If you don’t have much cash you won’t be able to do paid advertisings, And you also don’t rank higher in search engines so the option of organic search is also not possible.

Therefore you left with only one option i.e. referral. So you need other people to link to you, if they will talk about you then only you will increase your traffic to your new website.

This will get you stronger links and thus more traffic. Of course, you can get traffic by google ads but the traffic you get from links is both last longing and sustainable.


Initially, you must focus on building good personal connections as it increases your chance to build more links.

Make yourself accessible, connect yourself to many platforms where you can interact with many peoples.

Clear this in your mind that people will not link to you initially because you have nothing, so the best way to connect with peoples is to help them. If you help them then only they will find a good reason to connect to you.

Prepare Enough Before The Launch

Whenever you are going to launch have a checklist of essential go through things that you must check before launch.

Whether you are thinking of launching a business website or blogging website it is always better if you confirm your product through an MVP.

MVP gives you a better insight into what people think about your product, or if they like it or not.

It prevents you to make the big mistakes, and to helps you to make the changes required to improve the customer reviews about your product.

There are many tools like Launchrock, which helps you to save the email address of the interested peoples and also it encourages the publicity of your product.

John Doherty wrote a good post on it named Problogger. Where he has explained how the company he worked for launched an online marketing training platform after a few months of working on content.


Above is the page they built on Launchrock in 30min only.

And within 24 hours they have collected over 1,000 email addresses of people who were interested in their product and want to know when they are launching.

This shows how much it is important to prepare before the actual launch.


Tell Your Story

Many experts believe that storytelling if the most effective way to increase the recall value of a brand.

And if you are wondering how to grow a website, the best thing you can do is tell your story to people who take the help of social media.

But you must know the art of storytelling it’s not at all difficult and also not very easy.

First of all, if you are an expert in something make sure that people will know about it.

Secondly know that what exactly your motto is behind storytelling. What is that point you’re trying to make by that storytelling?


Here are the steps you can follow to tell your story

1. Identify the sole purpose of your story.

2. Write an overview of your story on paper.

3. Design a road map.

4. In the end, conclude your story.

Always remember that storytelling is the best way to make a long last impression on the audience, and if you follow all the steps mentioned above you will be able to deliver an interesting story.

And it will help you to increase the recall value of your brand.

Focus On SEO

SEO is the only way you can communicate with the search engines. You have to focus on all the SEO practices which can improve your domain authority.

There are many SEO practices but initially, you have to focus on your content.

Know your audience prepare a list of keywords on which you want to rank for.

This is the key that all SEO services in India and all over the world used to grow their new site.

 Make interesting and attractive headlines that attract the reader’s attention.

Deliver quality content and don’t do the stuffing of keywords, and keep your content long enough so that it touches all the details of the subject on which you are writing the article.

One advantage of writing long-form content is that you will get many areas where you can use your targeted keyword, but remember whenever you think you can use your keyword here then only use it, otherwise it will look ugly.

So these are the steps and rules that you must follow to grow a new website.

It needs consistency and patience. Results won’t appear overnight but if you are consistently giving your efforts then results start appearing slowly and gradually.

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