How to build backlinks for a new website

How to build backlinks for a new website

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How to build backlinks for a new website

For a new website, the main focus is to get more traffic to their site.

And on to increase their domain authority.

Backlinks help both to increase domain authority as well as traffic.

New websites always find it difficult to get backlinks.

But if someone is serious about getting quality of backlinks and work on a link strategy it’s not that difficult to get backlinks.

The most basic way to get the backlinks is to ask a site for a backlink.

Now here the question arises

Why would someone give a backlink to a new site?

What we have to do to get backlinks?

Most of the link strategy was based on sending out link requests, they ask a site for a backlink.

It is a direct way to get a backlink and is convenient, but this doesn’t work every time.

Because the average person receives at least 88 emails per day.


So it is very much possible that your mail does not get their attention.

You have to understand things from the perspective of site owners then you will find out the ways which will work for you.

But that’s not as easy as it sounds right.

But if you genuinely care about the quality of connections and links then you need to know how to write a good link request pitch. It is the most valuable skill for anyone who wants to build really good connections.

Request pitch through e-mail

Whenever you’re requesting someone for something always keep this thing in your mind that how will the person you’re requesting will get the benefit by helping you.

It is a golden rule that goes “Make sure you have given enough before you ask for something”.

Now if you have all the above things in your mind and then you’re preparing for a pitch, it makes a difference in your pitch when you are delivering it.

It is important to know that many times the people who know how to pitch well but don’t have relevant content sometimes get the link.

And also many times the people who have awesome content don’t get the link because they don’t know how to pitch well.

So to build good connections you must pitch well and also have awesome content on your site.


“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”  - Eugene Ionesco

Above is the example of an excellent pitch, this pitch includes all the answers to the questions which an owner is looking for.

Here is the take away for you when preparing for an important pitch

  • Always start your pitch by reminding them why you are contacting them if you have already talked to them.
  • Include the benefits they will get.
  • Thank them for their attention.
  • Tell them how you can also help them in the future.
  • how you can collaborate so both of you will get the benefit out of it.


It is better if you know the above thing better and sooner because you have to keep both things in mind what they’re interested in and what you want to say then only they will see the relevance in your pitch and they will think about it.

As a new site know that your need to get the link is far more than their little help, but your need is only fulfilled by helping them.

So the whole game is to convince the site owner that you’ll benefit them.

Every site is always looking for high-quality content to link to, but not all the sites who have very high-quality content gets most of the links.

You don’t need to be very smart enough to understand this. You just need to convince the site owners that you have the great content that is what they’re after.

Gain valuable backlinks through infographics

  In this social media age, the attention span of people is reducing day by day

Now people want more useful information in very less time, according to a study people leave a site in just 2-4 seconds upon viewing a page.

So in such a low time frame available, it is very difficult to grab the attention of the visitor.

Therefore infographics are the best option to keep engaging the reader and provide them the useful information and that too in very less time.

A website gets an average of 12% increase in traffic after uploading an infographic.

But only 49% of marketers create their infographic.


If articles which are including infographics in their text receive 170% more links then isn’t it makes sense that the use of infographics is the best from all trades.

Choose your infographic carefully if you are putting infographic along with text then the chance are very high that people first look at infographic then read your material.

So your infographic must be relevant enough that it will in brief explain the point you are trying to make in the article.


According to Brian Dean’s study “What”, “Why” and infographics post receive more backlinks than video and “how-to” posts.

It is also a myth that creating your infographic is very expensive, there are many free tools like Canva is available for creating your infographic, just be creative.

Do email outreach to sites which are linking to similar infographics tell them you can also help them in their content.

Share your infographics with them, ask for their feedback, and then over some time, you will get good backlinks without even asking them.

Guest articles

Guest blogging is the most sustainable way to build high-quality backlinks and to improve your SEO performance.

While doing guest blogging make sure you have clarity on what your goal is and what is the goal of the publisher.

Your goal is to get many backlinks possible from that post so focus on the content, not on the publications.

Once you have that clarity next thing is to choose topics on which you want to write the post, for this you must prepare a list of your top web pages that you want to promote.

This list also helps you in writing another guest post in the future, for building backlinks.

As you have the list now select the topics for your targeted webpages these topics should both useful to the readers and lies in the domain of your expertise.

Guest Blogging Topic Map

Now as your topics are decided it is important to research the relevant keywords that fit well in your topic.

Otherwise, you have to do stuffing of the keywords that looks ugly, you can do this in some part of your content writing but when you’re doing guest blogging quality of the content should be your main focus.

Do keyword research for the topics from tools like SEMrush and Ubersuggest both of these tools are free to use.

Also, you can get the idea of other keywords, but while selecting the keyword take care of the SEO difficulty and volume optimize your keyword accordingly.

You can also use social platforms like Reddit to target your niche audience.

Subreddit within Reddit will help you in doing that.

Note that your Redditors hate spamming it is a platform of the genuine and serious audience so keep your content interesting and relevant to them.

Think long term

You are a new website now but you have to start planning your next years.

If you want to improve both your domain authority and traffic that would increase rapidly if you have plenty of backlinks then you must focus on writing long-form content.

Long-form content is liked by both readers and the search engine.

 As long-form content provides detailed information about the subject and also helps search engines to determine what the content is all about, long-form content gets better ranking in SERP according to Ahrefs.


 You can also see this yourself that for any keyword the web pages that lands at the top of the search results always have long-form content than comparing to the pages that land much lower in the search results.

For example, the pages that land in the top 15 has much long content then the pages that land in 90-100.

And as long-form content has more chances of getting higher rank also their chances of getting more backlinks also increases.




 Brian Dean has analyzed 912 million blog posts and find out that

  • Long-form content gets an average of 77.2% more links than the short-form content.
  • Long-form content gets more social shares than short-form content.
  • Almost 94% of online content has zero backlinks.
  • There is no direct correlation between backlinks and shares on social media.
  • “Why”, ”What” posts receive 25.8% more links than videos and “how-to” posts.

                       Referring domains .vs. Average social shares


A new website needs proper planning to get traffic and rank higher.

Backlinks improve domain authority and thus also helps in getting more traffic.

To build backlinks for a new website you must focus on the quality of backlinks and prepare how you’re going to build connections, and how you pitch them to get a link.

Guest blogging is the best way to build links, but stay focussed on your goal while doing guest blogging, follow the steps mentioned above.

Think long term prepare accordingly. Long-form content will get you more number of links, but it is not going to happen suddenly, you just have to have a stomach for that.





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