How To Boost Yoga Studio Sales With Digital Marketing

How To Boost Yoga Studio Sales With Digital Marketing


Are you looking to grow your business with some new yoga marketing ideas? You are in the right place! Whether you want to open up your own studio, run, or yoga retreat or you are thinking of becoming a freelance yoga teacher having a good marketing strategy is essential if you want your business to be a success. Marketing for yoga teachers and teaching at the same time can be very hectic that is why we at viral groww, a yoga marketing agency helps you find a solution for this. There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider while doing digital marketing for yoga. We would like to mention some tips for marketing for yoga teachers so you get an idea of what we are capable of doing. Having a clear target audience and marketing Yoga business takes out all of the guesswork and stops you from wasting time and money on marketing materials that don’t reach the right people. Once you have identified who your target market is you will need to decide on a niche. By creating a niche you also create the perception that you are an expert in that specific area of yoga. This will attract students to your studio and in some cases make them willing to pay a little extra for expertise. The next thing to think about is “how can I get the word out there about my business? “well the short answer is – marketing!. Now marketing is not an easy thing to do there are a lot of things that need to be done for example you have to research your competition over the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter. Each platform serves a different purpose remember that what does well on Instagram won’t always work on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


You need to use hashtags that can help potential customers to find your page. Looking through relevant hashtags like #Inspiration Will bring you up every post using that specific hashtag. Other than the hashtags captions play a very important role they should be attractive and informative at the same time, the audience must know what you are providing to them. So the captions and the hashtags will help you get a good reach. Let us tell you one more secret that is the 80–20 rule. There is a reason this rule is raved about on marketing blogs – it works!. According to this rule, 80% of what you post should be content that informs, educates, and entertains your followers and the remaining 20% should promote your products and services. The main goal of your yoga marketing plan is to promote and ultimately sell the products and services your business offers but a hard sell approach is not always effective on social media.   Other than all this there are Facebook and Instagram campaigns that you can run and even collaborate with similar accounts. So these were some tips for you we can help you do a lot more than this So what are you waiting for? Allow us to help you expand your business.

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