Get to know about Website Design & Development

Get to know about Website Design & Development

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On a global scare, trade and business are suffering from a dual crisis with primarily the pandemic afoot and secondarily the responsive lockdown efforts of prevention. Both of these have had an adverse effect on every sphere of human life with a few rare silver linings. The economical atmosphere especially in our country domestically is such an example with adverse plunges defining the previous few months. 

The pandemic and resulting lockdown have affected both supply and demand and forced physical trade centers and market-places to close down or have a minimal response, leaving e-commerce and digital markets and interfaces the only viable trading option for keeping organizations and companies afloat and even generate any form of affordability. However, for a successful presence online, every business organization inclusive of both trade and manufacturing-based operations need their own websites.


Websites as finished products appear quite simple, however, such simplicity and ease in operations requires a complex arsenal of a plethora of skills and disciplines in various different yet connected fields. However, before moving forward to the best web development company in Delhi or the best web designing company in Delhi or a similar list, it is imperative to understand what exactly comprises web designing and web development.

What do we mean you mean by website designing?

Website designing refers to the design of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. Viral Groww, a website designing company in Delhi prefers to further compartmentalize and segment such a wide term into web graphic designing, authoring, interface designing, and many more technical aspects such as standardized code, proprietary software, etc. Search engine optimization or SEO, also a major element of digital marketing,  is also a predominant and fundamental technique for the success of your website and hence, also your trade.

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What do you mean by Website Development?

Web development on the other hand refers to the process involving building and maintenance of websites. The process is mainly concerned with what happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast, and perform well with seamless user experience. Web developers often do this by using a variety of coding languages. Viral Groww, a website development company in Delhi more often than not chooses to also break down such a wide-ranging term into smaller tasks, skills, and disciplines and compartmentalize them as web engineering, web development, web content writing, server-side scripting, client liaison, web server and security configuration, e-commerce development and many more. 

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Both the terms to an untrained eye or non-tech savvy person seem synonymous, which is only partially untrue. Web design at one point or another overlaps web engineering which is a significant operation under web development, thus, by default both these functions are connected by the same thread and overlap each other in some functions. However, web design in the most basic sense or in layman's terms mainly deals with the designing outlook of a website, while web development contrarily deals with the non-design outlook of coding and markup and by default requires a technical approach in comparison.

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Skills and techniques: 

Moving forward it is also important to understand some of the complex skills and techniques involved and used by any web designing company in Delhi. The same have been listed below:

  1. Marketing and communication design: Good marketing and communication design is a key factor in determining the success rate and chances of any and every website present on the worldwide net. The marketing and communication design and tools used to differ on the basis of the target audience and thus, require Viral Groww, the website designing company in Delhi or its employees to have intricate knowledge of the latest trends and attractions in the target audience(s). It is also important for such a designer to understand and actively differentiate between The design of marketing and communications of a business to business or B2B based website and a consumer or entertainment-based website.


  1. User experience and interactive design: Another key factor which determines the traffic on a website and its progress along with its success as an online presence is the user experience. This is based on a simple fact that a user’s satisfaction quotient is dependant on their ability to understand the layout, organization heads, and subheads along with the interactive face of the website, which in simpler terms means that the better a user understands how a website works and interacts with it, the better off are the success statistics of repetitive crowds and traffic of the said website. Different target audiences have different points and understanding of ease, the interactive face and layouts are designed by a web designing company in Delhi on the same preferences of the business’ target audience.


  1. Page layout: A key component of the interface design is the page layout of the several web pages on a website. As earlier discussed, the importance of user experience and interface design is also dependent on an easy understanding of layouts. It is the designer's call at the web designing company in Delhi to choose consistent layouts for different web pages on a website or change them from one page to another. Page pixel width, alignment are some of the important agents that page layout encompasses. The page width is usually fixed in accordance with the most popular browser window and screen resolutions. The alignment on the other hand is in most cases central to maintain the aesthetics and presentation of web pages of large-screen devices.  


  1. Motion graphics: Motion graphics are another important aspect used by a web designing company in Delhi which affects the page layout, and in turn the interface design, thus consequently impacting the user experience. Motion graphics and their usage is once again dependent on the Percival of the same by the target audience on average. Nonetheless, entertainment-based sites often prefer and find motion graphics more pleasing and relevant in comparison to a more formal or B2B based website. Motion graphics used by a designer, in a short note are the agents that result in either effective visuals or distracting and unnecessary visuals.


  1. TypographyFont or fonts used by any web designing company in Delhi in webpages and a website have a similar impact as the motion graphics. There are a few common global similar looking fonts used which may vary on the basis of the several different languages around the world, but the basic idea remains the same. The previously referred to safe idea refers to the common usage of some fonts labeling them as safe and others not as unsafe, but usually risky which may in future lead to unnecessary complications and reaction from the target audiences, with no guarantee of such reactions having positive outlook or impacts instead of the expected negative connotations which usually accompany any changes deemed as indigenous and non-mainstream. 


A similar set of varied skills and techniques is also required and used by any web development company in Delhi which are listed as below:


  1. Quality code: Coding is one of the two main attractions or skill sets and techniques used by Viral Groww, a website development company in Delhi to handle the non-design components of the process which as previously mentioned include, web engineering, server-side scripting, and more. A huge plethora of coding languages and programs are available for coders to write their respective codes in. Tasks are undertaken usually include testing, debugging, source code maintenance implementation of build systems, putting up firewalls to prevent hacking, and management of derived artifacts. It is important to perform all these tasks in order to maintain the quality of code and conform to preset standards and benchmarks in an attempt to prevent pages and websites from becoming error-prone or difficult to operate, both resulting in loss of business and in turn financial losses, irrespective of the target audience being tech-savvy or not.


  1. Markups: Markups make up the other half the main composition of the main web development skills and techniques used by any web development company in Delhi. In computer text processing, a markup language is a system for annotating a document in a way that is syntactically distinguishable from the text, meaning when the document is processed for display, the markup language is not shown, and is only used to format the text. They are important in attaching additional links to the web pages of a website, especially in business websites for attaching forms, contact information, redirecting customers to ordering portals along with payment, and other portals. One extremely important characteristic of most markup languages is that they allow mixing markup directly into text streams. This happens all the time in documents: A few words in a sentence must be emphasized, or identified as a proper name, defined term, or other special items. They are an important agent in making and easing the interface outlook and design, consequently affecting user experience and satisfaction quotient.


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