Get a custom website for your business by Viral Groww

Get a custom website for your business by Viral Groww

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How to get a custom website ready for your website in 7 days?

Today I am going to tell you about the definitions and factors that you must understand before making a custom website for your business. 

A website is an online platform that lists your company products or services and gives all the required information about your services/products in detail to your prospective customer who is surfing online for those services/products. If a website is made custom as per the market segment then it can make wonders in lead generation for your business. We help you with the same, at Viral Grow you get the best website design & development services as our approach is to understand your business first then make the study of the market and design the best aesthetically beautiful looking website for your business and integrate it with top-notch features that make your prospect customer go awestruck at the first look.

What is Website Design - 

Website Design refers to the designing part of the website in a laymen's term it refers to the look and feel of the website. Our designing team takes the best industrial references to make a layout for your website.
We don't do it on a theme, we code it for you from scratch so our GT Metrix Score or Page Speed Insights from Google gives the best optimal scores on the web. You might have a question what is the benefit of writing code from zero? My answer to it is "If you want the best score on Page Insights than you need to have the least un-used code on your website."

page speed score of client website

We have a team of engineers working at our office to give the best website design for your business. 

Definition of Website Development -

Website Development, it's the real part where our coding skills come into play. This particular aspect of a website is the features that a website have for their customers or admin. 

Website Custom Admin Panel of Viral GrowWe provide you a custom admin panel that has many features, to name a few are - query storage, product uploading with product name, product description, product rates, and many other features that an admin may need at any point in time.

Moreover, our admin panel customizations have no limit as we make a custom dashboard for our clients so you can add on any feature that you might think is required. We provide annual maintenance with our website design & development package that makes you hassle-free as the one who developed it will provide all the maintenance for your product. 

What is the right process to be followed to get a custom website for your features?

The process that we follow to ready the custom website within seven working days is as follows - 

> Create a sitemap for the website as per the products/services of your company.

> Make a reference point study with the best websites in your industry.

> Documentation of all features and design elements that are required for the website.

> Initiation of work with the front end of the website.

> On completion of the front end of the website give it for review to the client & start the backend work to create a custom admin panel.

> Review & Beta Testing before the launch of the website.

These are the basic things that we follow with every client to make the delivery of the website smooth and simple. 

What are the features that you must have on your website? How can we website work as a lead magnet for your business?

Features that you must have are as follows - 

A. Contact Forms at strategic locations so that if a prospect is looking to talk to you he/she can quickly fill up a form and get in touch with you.

B. The help button should hover throughout the website.

C. If there's an E-commerce website the website must be Beta-Tested first then a flow should be maintained like this - Product Page - Product Detail Page - Product Add to Cart - Product Checkout (with payment integration) - Thank you page for a client.

D. The page speed score shall be maintained over 85 & the smooth flow of the website shall be given a top priority.

Definition of an E-Commerce website?

An e-commerce website like Karigiri Studio is an e-commerce website that allows any person sitting at any corner of the world to order their products and get it shipped directly at their doorstep in just two clicks on their website. 

We give you an e-commerce site within a time frame of 14 working days and the salient feature is you get Delivery Integration and Payment Integration too on your website. Get the best e-commerce website for your business from us at Viral Groww.

How can Viral Grow help you get your business online?

We at Viral Grow Marketing Solutions are the best choice to start your business online, we have helped many businesses write their online success stories be it through our Website Design - Development Services or Digital Marketing Services of SEO or SMO.

Our main USP is that we provide all things under one roof, so you need not co-ordinate or invest your time with many people we have the capacity and resources to provide all the developmental and marketing services for your business at one go.

Here's a list of FAQs for website design & development - 

Q: On which backend language do we write the code?

A: We code in HTML - CSS - Bootstrap for Designing of the website and Python Django 3.8  for the Backend Development of the website.

Q: Do you provide website maintenance services too?

A: Yes, we do provide website maintenance. We have the resources to provide website maintenance for websites developed on PHP, Python, or WordPress.

Q: Do you provide the source code?

A: Yes, we provide the source to you and you have all rights over it on completion of the website.

Q: Do you provide hosting or domain purchase services?

A: No we don't provide these services. We just facilitate you in purchasing any of the third-party requirements.

Q: What is the cost of website design & development?

A: We guarantee a very cost-effective solution for your website development but prices are always as per the requirements of the website. 

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