Easiest Trick to Build Schema Markup Codes

Easiest Trick to Build Schema Markup Codes


What Is Structured Data Schema Markup?

So probably if you are from a seo background you would have known this term earlier but for those who don't know what is know what schema markup is, think it as a personal guide for the search engines to explain what your page is about and what is the purpose of the page.

Now as you know what schema markup is, let's know what are the benefits of the schema markup for your website or jump directly to the easiest trick to do Schema Markup for your website.



Well it certainly has one big benefit that it makes search engine understand your website more easily just like the sitemap but let’s see it in details:

  1. It helps search engines to understand the content of the website more clear and rank them for relative search queries.
  2. Increases brand awareness with the knowledge graph of your company website.

ViralGroww Google My Business Knowledge Graph

This represents the knowledge graph of ViralGroww


  1. Increases the chance of being featured on rich results like featured snippets or other SERP features.  
  2. Not directly but indirectly affects the ranking of your website for some relevant keywords.
  3. Increases the CTA of your website with the attention-seeking rich results.
  4. It can be more valuable for long-tail keywords and thus the voice searches.
  5. It also improves social media authority.


And there are many more such benefits.

So doesn’t it fare for your website to access such features? So let's see now how you can apply the schema markup to your website.



So there are 2 processes in general to create schema markup code for your website or a web-page.

  1. Use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper

Google Structured Data Markup Helper 

  1. Use direct coding by following the guidelines providing in the schema.org website.



So let's start our main topic.


The Easiest Trick To Do Schema Markup For Your Website

  1. Google Structured Markup Helper Tool: We will use the basic and simplest method here.
    1. Choose the relevant type from the list which defines your webpage content. Like we are creating a local business schema here, so we select local business and paste our webpage link and start tagging.structured data schema markup website
    2. Start tagging according to the field of requirements.ViralGroww Schema setup
    3. Just simply select the text and images and mark them one by one. Like this:ViralGroww Schema Selecting
    4. Now add the missing tags manually by clicking on add missing tags and click create HTML.ViralGroww Schema HTML Creation
    5. A new page will pop out with the created JSON-LD Markup code, now just download the file and paste it between the <head> </head>section of your website HTML.ViralGroww Schema JSON_LD



That's all, your Schema Markup is ready for the local business type.

Now let's see the 2nd process.


  1. Self Coded Schema: This you have to follow when you don’t have the correct type of your web-page in the Google Markup Helper Tool. 
    1. The first thing is to do competitor research and check the schema markups on their web-page with the help of the Structured Data Testing Tool. Paste the URL and we are good to go.Schema Website
    2. Find the type of Structure data schema they are using.Competitive analysis of schema
    3. Open each one and click on the type to get the code on the left part of the screen. Well copy the codes and do the same for other schema types and save them in a doc file.Schema replacation of competitor
    4. Now use these codes to adjust the field and replace the competitors' details with your own and paste it between the <head></head> as last time.


That's it, an easy way of generating the schema markup data for your own website.



Following this technique, you will be able to do the schema markup of your own page within a few hours. As an seo expert, we recommend generating the schema markups of each and every page of the website to help understand the search engine each part of your website more easily.


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