Digital Marketing Strategies during this Pandemic

Digital Marketing Strategies during this Pandemic


A Few Marketing Strategies That Brand's Followed During This Pandemic.

The recent pandemic of COVID 19 has taken the world by a storm, forcing humankind to change its perspective and outlook of the world in just a few days.

The resultant prevention measures, which ultimately condemned us to a more isolation survival and existence has also taken its toll, forcing us once again to rely on digital connectivity and local communities for any form of human interaction.

The double whammy of the pandemic and the resulting nationwide lockdown across several countries has also led to a temporary slowdown and in some cases shut down of economies. Such negative impact has adversely affected both the demand and supply chain, as with lower incomes and rising unemployment, people are forced to hold on to their purse strings thus, reducing the demand. Such a fall in demand and difficulty in sustenance has also taken a toll on the supply sector, forcing all major and minor players of the market to reevaluate their strategies of marketing and sales.

With the thrive off social media and digital services in general, every participant in the supply industry has been forced to shift his/her focus from 40*40 ft billboard to 5-inch phone screens. Hence, resulting in the evolution of the digital marketing industry from an alternative method to a necessity for survival and sustenance. 

Despite the industry of marketing or digital marketing alike is based on creativity and innovation with a streak of risks, in reality, several firms continue to try and play it safe, in fear of creativity tarnishing their reputation and in turn leading to huge plummeting stocks. However, with such a high propensity of change in play, sticking to old traditions and playing it safe might cause firms far more harm than doing good. For many, now is the time to pivot, to reinvent, to inspire, and to offer a viable solution to a very pressing problem.

The need of the hour is for brands and marketers to focus on offering short-term communication and innovation to secure long-term success in this unpredictable period. Hence, in an attempt to demonstrate a few success stories of the same we bring to you the top 3 creative, innovative, and risk-averse digital marketing campaigns that have maximized companies profits during these trying times: 

  1. Nike

Brand loyalty is one of the most difficult things to generate and maintain among customers. With the financial crisis which accompanied the aforementioned pandemic, it has only been adversely affected.

Being a sportswear based brand, it was expected that during the lockdown and COVID 19 due to isolation practices, sportswear, and sports equipment brands like Nike might take a turn for the worst.

On the contrary, Nike in an effort to encourage fitness, morale, and exercise, Nike gave its consumers a free limited-time subscription to its club training feature for providing these consumers with exclusive training health and fitness content. Additionally, in excess of its free pass to its customers, it has also reiterated its message of the importance of staying healthy and fit across various channels and podcasts.

nike covid  branding

Such brand messaging and digital marketing campaigns which aren't just direct but also meaningful across a variety of mix channels has helped boost brand loyalty and authority for long term benefits.


  1. Brewdog

Since the whole circus of the pandemic began, it has caused widespread panic among citizens of various nationals leading to hoarding of necessities and medical protective gear. One such example of necessity is hand sanitizer.

Such a rise in excessive hoarding of hand sanitizers across the country led to severe shortages, with the UK being a prime example.

Noticing the same, the team at  Brewdog, a top supplier of craft beer, set about producing their very own bottles of sanitizers in ginormous batches and supplying them for free to the frontline warriors of the country.

Maintaining a similar approach, the brand has made a strong online presence via a judicious mix of several social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, etc alongside their own website and blog, offering regular and ideally spaced updates, about its latest charitable ventures to contribute to this fight against the virus.

Such presence and updates have also helped Brewdog as a brand maintain, a sense of connectivity with its customers and target audience, thus creating a big buzz as well as being the icon of a movement as many distilleries adopted similar practices of serving to their local communities.

However, the major reason for Brewdog's digital marketing campaigns' success is hidden in the team's ability to identify real problems and offer creative solutions while fulfilling their corporate social responsibility or CSR at the same time. The brand offered not just a practical solution but also a direct value using its wide reach and following through promotional channels, hence guiding customers as well as building a sense of loyalty, trust, authority, and community.


  1. Lego

Children are probably one of the most social human beings on this planet, bursting with their curiosity and inquisitive nature making this pandemic and isolation practices much harder on them.

Lego, on the other hand, chose to take advantage of this curiosity and appeal directly to the younger audience via an animated video, which portrayed and encouraged the children to be superheroes by staying home while also giving them suggestions to stay safe.

By speaking directly to children and empowering them with a positive role in the crisis, Lego forged a real connection with its target demographic while offering genuine value with educational tips and resources on playing well at home. Such digital marketing campaigns were well appreciated by the customers, target audiences as well as within the industry.

It also inspired parents, guardians, and families across the globe to get creative during the pandemic and contribute their share in breaking the domino effect and chain reaction which revolutionized this epidemic to a pandemic in the first place.

The campaign’s inclusive messaging and content-driven direction offered audiences the perfect storm of engagement and educational value, which has so far resulted in record sales during the pandemic.


Thus, such an inclusive, meaningful, and connective campaign based on a more innovative approach may help brands create sustainability in short term and maybe even profits and growth in the long term.

However, we do understand that there is no one right way to design a digital marketing campaign, therefore Viral Groww, a popular digital marketing services provider in Delhi chooses to work closely with all its consumers to get a better sense of the target audiences, products, competitors, etc along with detailed research to bring to you the most creative and innovative marketing solutions to complex problems. 

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