Market – This concept has been in practice long before we can even imagine easily. The idea of “give and take” has evolved into buying and selling of “products or services” along with the evolution of civilizations. Hand in hand with this evolution, competition came into play.

To excel in this field has now become the living dream of countless people. This excellence is only based on the fulfilment of customer requirement and his/her satisfaction.

“There are innumerable things that people love but only those which are visible are sold”. This gives birth to the idea of marketing. Marketing is the most important aspect for attaining visibility and undoubtedly it is a limitless province. Marketing is mainly composed of interaction either with an individual or a council that too either in person or through any other source.

In the current period where technology has literally taken over everything, it has also yielded a huge platform for marketing. This has also enhanced the scope of this field to a very bigger space and constantly doing the same. This can be seen in numerous ways, a firm situated in one corner of the world can make its name heard in any other corner by using this technology with apt techniques.

The most popular, rewarding and trending technique in the on-going days is Digital Marketing.


It won’t be wrong to make a statement in this time that going digital means climbing the most promising ladder towards success. Being digital is also the new basic requirement in one’s life.

As already mentioned, the way people shop has changed drastically. So, in easiest words, any way through which marketing of your products or services is done online i.e. using the internet or any digital device is Digital Marketing. The online lifestyle of people has given a big edge to this field.

Digital marketing has endless possibilities and can include email marketing, videos, text messages, social media, websites and a lot more. The domain extends to non-internet channels as well, which use digital media. The perfect instance for the same is television and caller tunes on mobile phones.

The major types of digital marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, affiliate marketing, native marketing, sponsored content, marketing automation and others.



The whole world is in a dreadful condition due to the COVID-19. Apart from everything, what has attacked people the most is the downfall in employment due to this pandemic. All of us are forced indoors for saving our own selves. We have to be attentive all the time even reaching out for the essentials.

The world is made by people and this situation has moved people very far from each other. As it is obvious that we can’t live with putting a stop to everything rather we have to keep going on with this deadly problem. This situation hence becomes the most suitable for even more digital activeness.  

This fact is not neglected that digitalisation has already led to social distancing. Therefore it is the best pillar for getting visibility and eventually success in your business.

Digital marketing can help you to start a business from scratch be it product based, service based, B2B or B2C. This is justified by the fact that people from attending online classes and online meetings to online shopping have created a high surge on the internet. This way presently there is a big opportunity to work in accordance with a customer-centric approach.

One can follow a lot of steps for doing the same:-

  1. Increase your client base

This is the best time for attracting new customers by reaching out to them online as they are spending most of the time there only. First of all, one must find the potential customers and then segregate them into different groups on some basis. After doing this, it is advisable to plan and make some strategy to reach them with innovative stuff.

Also, one should focus on reaching the existing customers by asking feedback, advertising new strategies, presenting post lockdown plans and with other contemporary methods. This will definitely catch the eye of people attracting them towards you.

  1. Explode social media

Plenty of the online traffic is unquestionably concentrated on social media websites and apps. Bring out the most creative ways to present on social media. One must focus on making a link with their viewers. This is the only thing which invites them now and again on your platform. This way you can easily advertise your own motto and products as well.

The thing that must always be kept in mind is that advertisements are most easily ignored if they are only things presented.

  1. Content Marketing

Content includes blogs, articles, quotes and even media. Time is the most precious commodity provided by this pandemic. Invest this acquired time in creating and posting new, relatable and relevant content. Such content can include suggestions to be productive during pandemic, daily quotes, unique facts etc.

To escalate the traffic, interactive sessions can be used and even the customers can be invited for their point of view. For example – a blogging week can be introduced where blogs on a certain topic are summoned and publishing some of them, even including some rewards.

  1. Use low cost or free techniques

It is not hidden that incomes are badly affected because of the pandemic. Moreover, in businesses there is nothing like a certain fixed income, so it is highly required to use limited sources for getting the best output. Contemplating this, the use of emails, SMS and others is highly recommended.

  1.  Keep a sharp eye on competitors

The biggest fact of all time is “You are never the only one”. People who have similar products or services would also be probably in the similar condition like you. So, they would be finding their ways to cope up with that. Hence observing them will certainly help you stand apart and even generate new ideas.

  1. Reframe your website and improve SEO

Make your website more interesting by applying different themes relating to the situation. Penetrate more into your website and make appropriate changes where it requires improvement.

As the whole is about getting visibility, you must surely focus on the most useful tool for the same i.e. Search Engine Optimization. Start doing research on how to improve your SEO, if this happens you’ll get a big edge over others when situation starts turning back to normal.

#Digital Marketing In 2020