Benefits Of These Web Hostings: Heroku, AWS, Godaddy

Benefits Of These Web Hostings: Heroku, AWS, Godaddy


So web hosting these days are more conflicting and time taking on choosing what hosting platform to opt for and after the occurrence of plenty of Cloud service providers nowadays it’s really hard to pick any of them as your website performance will clearly make the first impression to your potential customers and the hosting platform is its core.
All the cloud service providers have different values to offer but we will tell you why we choose our projects to host on AWS or Heroku only for our clients.
Now if we talk about AWS services, there are plenty of benefits, such as:

1. Infrastructure:
They have the biggest infrastructure for servers covering almost 16 geographical regions in the world which makes it a real mammoth in this industry. Due to its availability, the websites hosted in AWS have the maximum speed for the location and thus provide a smooth experience to all the website visitors and create a good image of the brand.
2. Automated Backups & Disaster Recovery:
An unknowing failure or any disaster could happen anytime and anywhere, so AWS also provides automated backup of your data stored in the servers. This facility is really a sigh of relief for any business.
3. Flexibility and Scalability:
The computing infrastructure of AWS really provides the best flexibility to scale up or scale down very easily as per the need to the growing businesses. 
4. Pay as you Go Pricing:
As we discussed AWS has really great flexibility and scalability, but one of the main reasons why AWS is so much attractive is its pay as you go pricing model along with the scalability. 
5. Security:
AWS has the highest level of security both physically and digitally. Which gives the developers and businesses the freedom to concentrate on their work rather than its protection.

So these are some of the features why we choose AWS for hosting the client's websites.
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But in some cases and usability, we often choose Heroku as our second best-chosen service to opt for. And the reason is:

1. Simple and easy to start:
Now if we talk about the usability or user interface of Heroku, compare to AWS its very simple to start and deploy your project in Heroku. Its standard set of services makes it easy to start without your head-scratching. 
2. Integrated tools:
Heroku comes with many integrated tools like salesforce tools and many metric tools which are very useful in order to analyze the website performance on the server. It also provides easy integration with other AWS products.
3. Stability:
Heroku global platform is backed up by AWS which makes it super stable. So it offers minimal or no downtime during the server updates.
4. Automated functionality:
Heroku offers a wide range of automated functionality which includes scaling, configuration, setup, and many different things. It also has really fast application lifecycle management and permissions.

So these two are the cloud computing tech providers and if we are talking about web hosting then how can we forget Godaddy in the first place.
The mall of website domains and hostings. Though the comparison with other cloud computing providers like Heroku and AWS will be slightly unfair for the sake of web hosting it needs to be specified here.

Godaddy is very much likely the first name you would come across when you are going for website building for the first time and no doubt it's the most obvious for the beginners to start with. Godaddy offers:

1. Simple Price Packages:
Godaddy offers the simply fixed price packages for the web hostings and other facilities to choose for.
godady hosting packages
2. Uptime:
As compared to the world’s largest cloud service provider with 100% uptime by AWS, Godaddy is not far behind, Godaddy provides 99.94% uptime which is decent for its price and offerings.
3. Speed:
A lot of websites are running on the servers of Godaddy and more or less they provide an edge to edge speed for the website hosted with AWS or Heroku Hostings.
4. Target Audience:
The target market for Godaddy is the day to day businesses and the personal website holder, unlike the AWS or Heroku which target the Business Enterprises and Large Corporations.


Each platform has different features and benefits on their own. Now we can conclude that AWS or Heroku is very much likely for the developers and system administrations of the corporations with much complexity, while Godaddy is the best suited for Beginners and simple to deploy. Discussing all these features of each of the web hosting platforms I would like you to do an assessment of your own company and find the needs, expectations, and plans for your website and then choose the website hosting accordingly. 
What we choose for web hosting for our own clients' websites is totally based on some metrics such as budget, the current size of the website and how much can be expanded within a few years, Type of content going to be uploaded on the website, any third-party software in the website, etc.

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