Benefits of digital marketing

Benefits of digital marketing


Think about it if you are running a small business in the 1990s what could be your marketing strategies for your business it could be T.V ads, newspaper ads, templates, or you can take the help of yellow pages.

Whatever you may choose at that time, the benefits of digital marketing in today's world is amazing.

In today’s life we are just a click away to access any information in the world, and thanks to social media that people all across the world are connected very well.

This creates many opportunities for small businesses to market their products well in a budget.

Digital Marketing not only saves time and money but it is also very efficient as you can target your potential customers directly without spending in marketing for the whole public.


 Now see if you are trying to target a young age group with TV ads then it is not a good idea.

As today’s millennials are spending most of their time on mobile devices than any other generation combined.

There are many benefits of digital marketing, let’s discuss the 5 main benefits of digital marketing

1. Having an advantage over your competitors

Digital marketing helps you to increase the awareness of your business in the public’s eye.

There can be two scenarios:

  1. Your competitor is using digital marketing.
  2. They are not using digital marketing.

Let’s take the first scenario, if your competitor is using digital marketing or SEO services then you are already behind them. The biggest advantage of digital marketing they have over you as of now is that they can also acquire your customers by doing specific niche marketing.

But if they are not using digital marketing, you’re lucky.

You can gain an advantage over them by starting early.


Still, small businesses didn’t completely understand the power of digital marketing and this can give you an edge over your competitors. The advantage of digital marketing you can gain over your competitors is by having a great website. A great website helps you to gain the trust of customers.

Most customers prefer a brand with positive reviews so make sure you must take care of your online reputation once you have started digital marketing and take feedbacks from customers this will help you to work on your weak areas and to improve your strong ones.

2.    Cost-effective

No matter if you have just started your business or you’re in the industry for several years acquiring new customers is always going to give a business a genuine growth. But to keep the cost of acquiring new customers in the budget is always a challenging task.

One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that digital marketing services are available at a very affordable rate. Traditional marketing methods require very large capital which most of the time small businesses can’t afford.


Traditional marketing like TV ads, newspaper ads, etc. are very costly and they also don’t target to the potential customers the biggest disadvantage of traditional marketing is that they are for the general public not for the effective ones, and once it is done then again to do it you again have to pay back the large sum for marketing.

3. Helps you in building the brand name

Building a brand was only possible for big companies a few decades ago. But now digital marketing is giving power to small businesses to build their brand name. Brand awareness is equally important for both new businesses and already established businesses.

But it doesn’t mean that overnight you’ll get a very popular branded name it is not like that. It needs consistent effort and it also depends on whether you’re delivering that quality of products or services that you are marketing and on many factors like this.

You can also use social media to help build your brand with digital marketing.


Always remember that social media platforms are like rented property and having your website is your private property. It’s good to take the leverage that social media is providing but it is also important to have your website to gain the trust of customers.

According to Statista, there are over 326 million social media users in India, so as a businessman or entrepreneur you need to embrace social media marketing with your overall digital marketing strategies.

4. Digital marketing helps you to grow your business

Most of the small businessmen in India always keep saying that when they try to expand their businesses their cost also rises much so they were unable in expanding their businesses.

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that it also helps in reducing manpower.

Think about it what it means to grow your business?

  • Increasing revenue
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Reduce costs
  • Customer retention


Above is the graph of cost per thousand impressions with several marketing strategies.

You can see the digital method is the most effective way. To create the same number of impression TV costs you about more than 10x times money compare to the digital method.

5. Better decision making in business

Digital marketing data gives you the idea of the exact number of peoples visited you’re your site. Data is the most important factor when it comes to decision making. By Google analytics, you can track all the stats and data about your website.

It will help you to know about :

  • The number of people visited your site
  • In which web pages they are interested in
  • What is their geographic location
  • The time they are spending on your website
  • What is the bounce rate?

Let’s say for example you have an SEO services company in Delhi, or website designing company in Delhi than with the help of the data you can able to see how many peoples are visiting your site every month, the time they are spending and what is the bounce rate then optimize your web pages such that it will increase the traffic on your site.

By breaking down all of this traffic information you’ll get a clear picture of how you should market your products, how to target your potential customers, isn’t it Mind Blowing.

With access to this information, you can optimize your marketing budget and get an idea from which marketing campaigns you can take out the best for your business.

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