A Guide for best ecommerce SEO Practices

A Guide for best ecommerce SEO Practices


In the world of eCommerce, with a large number of competitors with similar stores and selling the same products in most cases, achieving good search engine positions is a tough task that requires good practices to avoid being penalized by search engines. Optimizing product pages for search engines is even more important than optimizing the home page since users are becoming more specific when searching the Internet.

Many companies focus their efforts on Social Media campaigns or paid ads that require a constant investment for positioning. At Viral Groww, we use the best White hat SEO eCommerce practices that help your online store to position itself in the top results of the search engines, at convenient rates.

The Strategy Of Strong Ecommerce SEO

  • Keyword research

It all starts with extensive keyword research. Each page of your eCommerce has to have an associated keyword for which you want it to appear in the search engines. Most SEO campaigns already fail at this point, because this part determines everything else: page structure, most important category pages, SEO texts, keyword coverage, search intention matching, etc.

  • SEO On Page for eCommerce

-Optimize meta titles and meta descriptions

-Optimize your category and subcategory pages

-Optimize your pages and product sheets

-Create friendly URLs for your categories and products

-Mobile and desktop friendly

  • Link building

Having a link building strategy is very important for the SEO of your eCommerce since one of the positioning factors is the authority of your domain. This authority is largely calculated by the number of external links you receive, that is, the number of times other pages decide to include URLs on their own website.

  • Technical SEO for eCommerce

Ecommerce websites often have many technical SEO problems due to the large number of pages that are created, especially if it is a large online store with many products and categories. These include category pages, product pages, the home page, payment portal, recommendations, etc.

Best ECommerce SEO At Viral Groww

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all the techniques and actions that allow you to attract traffic to a web page by improving its visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. This optimization aims to make your website offer the content that best responds to the user's search purpose.

Google aims at providing the best possible experience for the person who is using its platform to search for something. That is why it will try to show you the results that it believes can best fit what you are looking for and thus satisfy your demand. These products that appear in the first results of Google are obviously the ones that will receive the most traffic and therefore the most likely to be sold. We at Viral Groww, help you achieve this with our expertise and fulfill your goals with fully customized services.

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