6 Best Ways To Use Google Trends For Your Business

6 Best Ways To Use Google Trends For Your Business


Google Trends is the ultimate free source where you don’t have to compile a ton of data before you analyze the market behavior or competitive analysis because Google is always at your service and we will be going through with this step by step, so keep patience and enjoy the ride.


Google Trends is a google’s web service where you can find the trending topics, products, services and popular brands according to a given location or worldwide.
So the question is how exactly the google trends show you the curve of popularity over time, and the answer is, google shows the result of relative popularity, means it will show the ratio of the volume of the query you searched for to the volume of the total related search queries that have been done in between this period of time.
So now the question arises that how you can use this information and apply it to your business or work?
Just be with us a few more minutes and you will find how you can get the best of Google Trends. 


Just like Tendulkar and Kohli, you can also be a great hitter just by your timings, not with a bat but with your product and services.
So let us boil it down for you.

1. Find relevant topics that are trending right now
trending search page 1

So here is the daily search trends in India location and here you can see the volume of the particular topic that has been searched on particular day at right side of the topic.
Now let’s see the trends in Real Time search trends.
trending search page 2
This is the real-time search trends showing in today’s top searched topics. Use it to pick any topic for your article or news report for your website and also use the location tab to know the trends in any part of the world and get benefited from a major traffic source.

2. Find seasonal or occasional trending topics, products or services
So I have chosen a search term which could be used as an opportunity for many sectors at once and that is “best gift idea“. Let’s first see its trends.
trending search page 3
 So if you see carefully the trend for this keyword has been at its peak in December month of every year and thus you can also predict that it’s gonna follow the same trend in the coming December. So what a blogger can do is prepare perfect articles regarding this in prior to the month and the product manufacturer can design or plan amazing products especially for this period of time and a service provider like delivery and transport Service Company must be prepared in advance for a large number of deliveries and transportation of goods.

So everyone could be a winner in these times with a little bit of awareness. 

3. Find new keywords from related queries

So this will be a good one and you will also gonna love it. It’s “investment strategies”, yes we love to make money so that we can fulfill all of our dreams and fantasy’s isn’t it.
And we all know how a good investment can make you earn it within years.
So, let’s see the trends of this keyword and find more relative keywords also.
trending search page 4

The trend for worldwide shows that it stay at peak on almost mid-week of every month and that tells pretty much about human behavior.
But let’s find some new keywords related to investment

trending search page 5

So here is the data of related queries from where you can find new keywords for your next strategy to build upon.

4.  Find the region where your product or services are high on demand
Okay, we will follow up on the same example of “investment strategies” in this one also. Let’s say you provide investment-related service and you are looking for new opportunities and want to identify a market where there is a surplus amount of demand for your service. So in that prospect, an investment advisory could take advantage of google trends by searching the keyword worldwide or any particular region they are willing to.
trending search page 6

So according to the data we can see the 5 top regions where the popularity of the keyword “investment strategies” had been the most. And not only that you can also find particular places by clicking on the region.
trending search page 7

So you can see the trends within the Australia region with the place and the related queries from those places. So with all this all data, you are ready for your next move.

5. Measure your own brand popularity
So everything comes to the bottom line where you must be aware of your own brand name. Brand popularity is the key factor to any business particularly if you are a product based company. So how google trends will help you is that you must keep track of your brand names popularity over time, do the analysis of the data, and make strategies according to that.
Plus you can even track your competitor's brand popularity and compare the trends over time. Let’s see through an example of “Nike” and “Adidas” in India in the search category.

trending search page 7

So the trends between these two search terms are pretty clear and show exactly how Nike is dominating the market

trending search page 8

And this is the region chart where you can find the popularity of brands in a particular place.
This data will be enough to start your action plan and win the market again.


6. YouTube video strategies with Google Trends
Are you a video creator and desperately looking for trending topics to create videos on, then you could be probably using google trends YouTube search data on a regular basis.
If you analyze the data very well then you will be holding a bunch of topics with you in advance.
Not only for video creators but for businesses also it can help you with finding the latest trends in the video segment so that you may introduce your new product or service fusing with a video that will help to gain a bigger market. Let’s try searching data for “fashion” term.
trending search page 9

So as you can see I have changed the option from Web Search to YouTube Search in order to get the trends on YouTube. You can do all the research using the data and make your planning according to that.

Tweaks with the options for the best results and efficient analysis. 

So these are a few ways how you can use Google Trends and make your strategies to completely dominate the market.
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