5 Reasons why SEO is not working for you

5 Reasons why SEO is not working for you


The first thing you need to keep in mind while doing SEO is that there are over a billion websites these days that’s mean a lot of traffic.

And there are millions of webpages created every month, so you need to be well prepared before stepping in the world of SEO that how you are going to generate the traffic what would be your strategy for ranking your website among the top search results.

According to the study performed by Ahrefs more than 90percent of the webpages do not get any traffic at all.

That’s a huge number, isn’t it? That means every 90 pages among the 100 pages have 0 visits.

So let’s breakdown the reasons into points.


Reason #1. You are underestimating the power of meta tags and title tags to insert your target keywords.

Whenever you are doing any search think about it if that term is not coming in any of the tags shown by Google do you click on that… No, right.

 It is very important that you should add your targeted keywords to the H1 tags and title tags because that is what search engine sees first and if you are not adding keywords to these tags then you are missing huge traffic.

Also do remember that you should not have to do stuffing of keywords in the tags, you must write in your tag in such a way that it creates some meaning or it gives the explanation to some query.

For example, if you have searched a Local SEO company in Delhi, then in the tag you expect that these are the local SEO companies list in Delhi or top SEO companies in Delhi.

Do take the leverage these tags are giving to you, they can bring much traffic to your site.


Reason#2: You do not have many backlinks

Your domain authority also depends on how many sites are referring to you. And among them how many reputed sites are referring to your site.

If you do not have any backlinks chances are very low that you can attract any traffic.

According to Ahrefs, there is a direct correlation between the traffic and the backlinks that a site has.

By the above image, you can have an idea of how important it is to have backlinks for a site.

But you should not run after the backlinks rather you must create the good quality content that adds a real-life value to your readers. You must provide them useful tools, services, and products, so you can get quality of backlinks even without asking them.

And once you have generated much quality of backlinks your Domain Authority will increase and so your traffic.


Reason #3. Your site is not HTTPS-enabled

It is very important that you must have a secured website otherwise search engine would skip your site or chances are very high that it would not open your site.

One main reason is also users don’t feel comfortable to visit a site that is not HTTPS-enabled because there is always a threat data.


Reason #4. You are targeting keywords which no one is looking for

This is a very common mistake especially made by new SEO companies and individuals. They often target keywords that are either too competitive or the keyword which no one is looking for.

If you have a new site you need to understand that is nearly impossible for you to rank on highly competitive keywords.

All short term keywords are mostly highly competitive, so you should target more specific long term keywords which will generate more organic traffic for you.

The advantage you get in long term keywords is they have less competition. To check whether the keyword is highly competitive or not there are many tools online. One such tool is Ubersuggest you can type any keyword here and it will give you the competitiveness index of it.

You can see the SEO difficulty for the keyword shoes is very high. So let’s say if you have a Shoe shop then you can target for a less competitive keyword like Nike shoes for men in India.

Now you can see that competition for this keyword is very less as compared to shoes. So keyword research will help you to improve your traffic and ranking both.


Reason #5. Readability of your page is not up to the mark

This is the most underrated point when it comes to attracting traffic.

You need to know that almost every reader first looks at the whole page he/she is going to read.

If they didn’t find the page attractive chances are high that they not going to spend time on the page. And this increases the bounce rate of the site, and the site with too much bounce rate sends signals to the search engine that something is wrong with this website.

Too much bounce rate can also affect the authority of your domain, and the chances are high that you also rank less for other pages as well.

You can check the readability from here.

So these were the points you should avoid while doing SEO, or if you were someone who has hired an agency than discuss with them these points no matter if they were the top SEO company in Delhi or in the New York or in anywhere in the world these were the basic mistakes one makes while doing the SEO.




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