3 Reasons why you should outsource Digital Marketing for your business

3 Reasons why you should outsource Digital Marketing for your business


More than one-third of the small businesses currently outsource a business process isn’t this a huge number. This is data is revealed by clutch.co. And among them most commonly outsourced are IT services, accounting, and Digital Marketing.


But why are small businesses outsourcing?

The reason is while running your business you can’t focus on every activity because there is a lot of work and limited time, so it’s better to focus on your core business and outsource the rest which will save time for you and also is cost-effective.

According to IgniteSpot, insourcing requires a lot of capital, time, and resources.

In today's world where everything is shifting online it becomes necessary for small businesses to have an online presence.

Let's say for ex: if someone has a flower shop in Delhi then to makes its online presence the owner can make an account on social media. But it is like a rented property therefore it is necessary to have one’s own website.

Now what option the owner has either he/she set up his/her own technical team or they should outsource the work to some website development company in Delhi. And most of the time they contact the owner just by typing their query in Google like website design company in Delhi or website designing company in Delhi, or website designing company in Laxmi Nagar, etc.

And it’s not only about the website it’s a way lot more than that. We are discussing all of these services and their benefits which digital marketing company provides you if of outsourcing it for your business.

So Let’s start

Reason #1: ROI (Return on investment)

A digital marketing company can give you many affordable solutions from building your website to content marketing which in turn helps you to connect to the people. And in the long run, can generate much more revenue to your company.

But before hiring any agency you must see where your business is mostly coming from, so you can target the relevant audience.

Agency you hired will also help you in data analytics which can tell you on which product you have to focus more and which type of demographic and psychographic people are interested in your product.

This will give you insights into your business, so you can take your business decisions smartly Which product you should launch, or on which product you must give discount this all factors help you in increasing your revenue.

Reason #2: Online presence

According to Statista, there are currently 550 million online users in India and that number can grow to 650 million users. See the potential that the online market has. So it’s very important for your business to make its online presence to take advantage of such a huge market.

Suppose if you live in Delhi and you searched on Google SEO services in Delhi Laxmi Nagar, then by contacting the agency you can ask them which business they have previously worked with, how digital marketing helps their business to grow.

It’s much better if you find an agency which has worked with the businesses of the same category as yours and after knowing how they have helped the previous businesses in the same domain you can get a clear idea of how can it help yours also.

For example, You have a gift shop and you searched website designing company in Laxmi Nagar Delhi and you have found one agency say the agency was Viral Groww then you called Viral Groww have you worked with any gift shop yet and if they have worked they can tell you all the details about it.

Say they have worked with some similar business called Chitra Chaya then they will tell you how they have helped them. They will give you the link to the website they have made for them etc. and will solve all of your queries.


Above is the work is done by the agency then will all your info you can take the decision whether or not you want to hire an agency or not.

The best thing is all the online solutions are nowadays available at very reasonable rates.

Reason #3.    ORM (Online Reputation Management)

This is a very critical point, and you should have to give an extra focus on it.

Do you know what is your customer’s opinion about your brand?

You should know about what is the image of your brand in the public’s eye.

There is a saying – “A product is as good as what the buyers think about it”.

Every business wants to go online and be on social media but maintaining an online image is difficult because people can say anything about your business and you can’t do anything about it.

Here are the steps that your agency can take to build and maintain your online reputation.

  1. Monitor your Reputation
  2. Build a response action plan.
  3. Handle negative comments with grace and humility
  4. Reverse SEO strategy
  5. Build your positive reviews
  6. Create content and promote search results

Let's take our previous example: If you have a gift shop in Delhi, then you have searched SEO services in Delhi, Say you found an agency Viral Groww now they will tell you their services like social media management and SEO, etc.

Now here you can discuss ORM, it may be possible that they will charge you more but it is worth the effort because, in the end, it is about the reputation of your company.


Hiring a good agency will be cost-effective for you.

Search optimized keywords Like Seo services in Delhi, Website designing company in Delhi, etc. And then contact the agency to discuss all of your points ask them whether they worked with any similar business as you then see their results and then make up your mind.


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