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Optimize your google search results with #GoogleLearnings

Hey, I got you and like most of us, you also probably wants to save your precious time and use google to its full potential. Then you are at right place because I am going to share my easy hack techniques for any search query in google with you, which will help you get what you need quickly and efficiently without any hustling between lots of links.

1. Filetype: This will enable you to find any file and you will get search results of that particular filetype only. Ex:
a. Let’s first try to search for a book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and then compare the results based on the use of the “filetype:” command.


So we can clearly see how the results are showing differently by just adding simple command to the existing keyword and this will save lot of time in finding any particular book on the internet.

      1. Now let’s try with another example and this time we will search for “google business model analysis”.

Again we get to see the result obtained in both cases differ very much and thus I must conclude that this technique is 100% legitimate.


  1. “+” and “-“ character: Using “+” and “-“ characters to your search query add or subtract respectively, a targeted keyword attached to it and forces google to obtain search results which contain the targeted keyword only or without the targeted keyword respectively.Ex:


      1. Ok first let’s use “+” for our query and we will search for job vacancy at a particular place.(“job vacancy”)

You can see the result obtained according to my location in normal search.

Now let’s add a location to it as “job vacancy + bangalore”.

So, here we get the job vacancy related post of Bangalore location only.


Now let’s add cherry on the top of this and try to search for job vacancy at Bangalore location with zero level of experience and we will frame our search query as “job vacancy +Bangalore +fresher”.

Tada, so you see what happened just by using a simple trick and you save a hell lot of time in preparing for those job vacanciesđŸ˜‰.



Now let’s see one more example of how you can use the “-“ symbol to search query and get benefited from that. Let’s use the classic example of “origin of apple”.

Here we can see the google has given a result which include the information of apple as fruit but what we want is information related to Apple Company. So what we do is we use “-“and reframe our query as “origin of apple –fruit”.

So these are some of the examples how you can use this trick to qualify your google search results.

3. Double quote : So now let’s see one of the simple method which is using double quotes which enables you to search anything in exact orders how you have quoted in the query. Let’s see through an example, “startup ideas for 2020”

So when we query without quotes then with quotes and we can see the vast differences between the results among both of the queries. Again you can use this kind of technique in anywhere you feel exact order is necessary.

  1. Site: So you can specifically find any data from a particular website you want just by using “site:” to your search queries.Ex:
      1. Let’s say you like to search digital marketing news only from Niel Patel websites then just type “ site: niel patel digital marketing”

And thus you got result from this particular site only.

  1. Related : Now this technique will able to find alternative website or related website to the one you mentioned in search query.Ex:
      1. Now we know Mytra.com is very common in apparel sector so now let’s search for related website where you can get some different offers also. The search query will go on like this “related:myntra.com”

So we can see we got the results where website is listed which provide same service as myntra.com. Similarly you can apply this to any of the website you want, and also this may be used to see the competition on the service and analysis.

  1. Allintext:  “allintext:” is the query technique where you are willing to find the articles where all the text is present in it which you have entered. Ex:
      1. Let’s take an example of “allintext:business opportunities in india”.

Now you will find that result is showing every page which contains all the key words in the page.

7. Star ( * ) : So the * character is the wildcard keyword of your query. Many times we remember some part of sentence and its hard to remind the complete then we can use this “ * “ to direct google search to find it for you and google will replace that character with every keyword it will find relevant based on your remaining words. Let’s go through an example of a song we want to hear but the lyrics I not quite clear, so let’s try to find it using our star character “ i am gonna take my * to * “.

Amazing now I can listen the song. So whenever you are forgetting something just ask google to find it for you.

These are some of the best techniques to follow when you are using google and save a lot of time for important works.

You can also go deeper in obtaining the best fit result through inbuilt google advance search technique.

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