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Facebook Marketing Rocket Science?

No, I could sum up the whole blog in this one phrase, but then it wouldn't get any traction on the web. 

Facebook Marketing is a very useful tip that web marketers use to get leads with a very minimal fee. Though for amateurs, this cost can be 10X the cost of what it comes out for a Professional Social Media Marketer. Social Media Marketing is beneficial for short term targets or to get an audience for your business. 

There are clients of mine who say we need more than a hundred leads per day from the first week of working. We at Viral Groww don't work without any background. Some steps shall be followed to understand the market & then go viral with the offering to a customer base. These are the below-mentioned things we do to get the best social media marketing solution for our clients;

  1. Graphical Representation with the least content - follow this link to get guidance on how to design your graphic. 
  2. "Human Understanding of the Services" - Yes, don't work like a robot in categorizing your audience.
  3. Don't put all of your budget at one go, divide it into a considerable amount, and analyze each ad set.
  4. Take a review of all the ad sets if available or take references from different pages to see how it's working.
  5. Don't freak out if things go wrong in the first seven to eight hours. We generally observe that the CPL goes down once ads are established. 

The social media giant - Facebook has made a lot of changes in their ads policy & being updated with all the new policies can help a lot while targeting your prospect. We are doing it & we are getting a response of more than 43% qualified leads and have maintained a CPL of less than INR 80 for our own Digital Marketing Industry. 

Want to get such leads for your business, get it with our professional team of social media marketing!